It’s all just a step too far!

Google cuts off Russia state media ad revenue

You only have to Google ‘online ads’ and ‘annoying’  to see research suggesting that online punters  are becoming less susceptible to advertising across social media, websites, and other online resources.

Some of the top reasons that ads can come across as annoying are: frequency of ads, placement on the web page, lack of relevancy and bad targeting and size of the ads. The stampede of online adverts that plague our favourite websites and social networks is certainly driving me bonkers.

There is more now than ever, it’s non-stop. For me, it’s when pop-ups and ads seem to overwhelm a web page before there’s even a chance to read the title of the content you clicked on.

I will often leave a page before getting to the article or news item I originally wanted to see. I don’t mind the odd ad because that’s how they earn a living but putting 10 or so is ridiculous and, for me, actually defeats the object because I don’t read any of them and that’s it.

It’s the same with free apps and paid for apps. Some have one or two ads, which are acceptable for something free, but when there’s one every click, I immediately delete it. I have lots of useful apps on my phone, my question is why do they have to update them every few days? I accept they get rid of the odd bug and creepy crawly but just recently, more than ever, they have completely updated some which then are not even recognisable as the original and stuck ads on them.

Then there are a few that go the other way and don’t do any updates and now will not work with my ‘phone at all. Some of these are health apps on which I’d stored info about my tremor and now can’t retrieve.  Not the end of the world but annoying.

I’m beginning to see the major effects of Brexit already and it’s very alarming! My favourite Aero mousse and Muller Light yoghurts are not available in our local UK supermarket.

It was OK to have our car manufacturing and international banking being reorganised but messing about with my Aero Mousse is a step too far! I did find it strange that they aren’t getting fresh fruit and veg. Hasn’t anyone told them what Spain has an abundance of? I’m sure they will sort it out eventually or there could be riots in the street.

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