Roulette Payout Chart: Guide to Calculating Odds

Roulette Payout Chart: Guide to Calculating Odds

Online Roulette is a must-have in the lobby of all first-class hotspots because it tops the roster of the beloved entertainments among amateurs and veteran punters. Sceptics have mixed feelings about the iconic revelry, calling it nothing more than a game of blind luck, which doesn’t require any strategic moves. Such judgment makes sense only if players are not aware of the value of odds. Experts from reveal what online casinos offer the most favorable odds and highest payout rates on Roulette games.

Online Roulette Basics and Popular Types

With the Internet casinos’ boost, the ‘good old’ online Roulette now comes in multiple versions and formats. Gamblers adore the captivating game for its simplicity and one-of-a-kind thrill that blows one’s mind when the winning numbers combo drops. Even amateurs can grasp the basics without effort. In fact, the entire gameplay is based on a croupier who spins the wheel, making the balls land on random numbers.
A top-class hotspot offers 10+ game variations to diversify its lobby and satisfy the preferences of the majority of players. The most well-liked among Canadian punters is the European version, as well as Mini and Multi-Wheel types. Current bettors also go wild with LIVE gameplay format. The authentic studios where dealers guide the process create an atmosphere of live interaction between a croupier and a player.

European vs. American Versions

These are the two most-esteemed revelry versions at Internet gambling portals. The basic gameplay principle in both variances is almost identical. The primary difference is that the European wheel has one ‘zero,’ while the American rudder has two ‘zero’ numbers. Another distinctive cornerstone relates to the house edge. The odds are lower in the American version 1/38 compared to 1/37 in the European type.

Why Odds Matter in Online Roulette Game

Understandably, punters can’t apply strong analytical skills to beat a banker in the wheel game because the way the balls drop has nothing to do with math or strategic planning. Still, this nuance doesn’t diminish the fact that Roulette is on the list of online games with the highest payout ratio.
Roulette’s unbeaten privilege is that both a player and a house go equal because only a random number generator defines how the balls land. Besides, when punters know what bet types come with the most favorable odds, they can count the potential benefit they will get from each successfully made stake.

Online Roulette Odds Clarified

Online Roulette Odds Clarified
Online Roulette bets can be of two kinds. The first is an outside stake, which refers to a specified batch of colors or numbers in the table’s outer space. The second type is known as an inside stake, which refers to all wagers made on the inner section of the table.
By placing inside stakes, a player has lower chances to win. However, if the bet is successful, the prize pool will be much higher than in the outside stake. And, vice versa, betting on the colors and numbers in the table’s outer space gives gamblers better winning chances, but the reward will be much lower than in the inside wagers. In other words, an outside bet pays out more often, but one successful inside stake is more valuable and can reward a user with a hard coin.
The diversity of the Roulette variations and bet types often confuse newbies. For this reason, the majority of casino portals with the wheel game in their lobbies offer stats, which reflect the odds and cashout probability. You can see how the Roulette payout chart looks like on the example of the two most popular game genres.

Bet type American version odds (%) European version odds (%) Payout (%)
Straight-up 2.6 2.7 35:1
Split 5.3 5.4 17:1
Street 7.9 8.1 11:1
Corner 10.5 10.7 8:1
Basket 13.1 6:1
Column 31.6 32.4 2:1
Dozen 31.6 32.4 2:1
Low/high 47.3 48.6 1:1
Odd/even 47.3 48.6 1:1
Red/black 47.3 48.6 1:1

As the stats indicate, there is a slight odds difference between both versions. Thus, it is not crucial what particular revelry type players choose. What’s more important is to decide for oneself whether to bet inside the table and win big but rarely or gain small but frequent winnings with the outboard stakes.

How to Master One’s Skills in Online Roulette

The common delusion of all amateurs is their belief in blind fortune that allegedly stands behind every big win at the gambling portals. Veteran punters also rely on destiny, but they never neglect the importance of strategic planning and skills boosting to master online casino games.
The following tips might be helpful to punters who wish to boost their proficiency in online Roulette:

  • Evaluate the odds. Every game type comes with different odds. First-class gambling operators offer several dozens of Roulette versions on their portals, and each version has better or poorer odds. Evaluate your chances in advance and pick up a game where the house has the lowest advantage (1.5-2.5%).
  • Give preference to the European type. Though the difference between the European and American wheels is only one additional number (37 vs. 38), statistics show that the European type always gives better odds to a player. In contrast, the house edge in the American analogy is always higher.
  • Start with outside stakes. Although these bets are not so profitable as the inside ones, they undoubtedly pay out more often. Thus, if you are a beginner, who doesn’t hunt for mega winnings at once, better opt for outside wagers.
  • Manage your bankroll. The golden rule for all casino enthusiasts is to set a limit on losses. It will help you take control over the bankroll not to damage your finance too much.

Finally, always pick up gambling platforms mindfully and trust only reputable and licensed operators.


Without a doubt, Roulette is one of the trickiest games, where nobody can predict an outcome for sure. Still, the revelry’s unpredictability and anticipation that bettors experience while the wheel rotates make online Roulette so beloved by Canadian punters. Besides, players who learn how to move the odds on their side will easily triumph over the wheel.

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