Andalucia Criticises Spain’s Vaccine Plans

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EU To Begin Legal Proceedings Against AstraZeneca Image: Wikimedia

ANDALUCIA has criticised Spain’s central government’s plans for vaccines.

According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the Junta de Andalucia criticised the government over its plans to administer vaccines in Spain after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced 70 per cent of the population will be vaccinated in August.
The spokesman for the Junta de Andalucia, Elias Bendodo, criticised the announcement saying it would prevent tourism.
Pedro Sanchez had previously said 70 per cent of the population would be vaccinated in June, however yesterday he announced that figure would be reached in August.
The spokesman of the Junta de Andalucia, Elias Bendodo said: “It is not the same to have the population vaccinated in mid-June than at the end of August.”
The news comes after Pedro Sanchez announced that the State of Alarm in Spain will end on May 9 and that 33 million people will be vaccinated by August in a move which could be good news for tourism.
According to newspaper elDiario, speaking in Madrid Spain’s president said the government does not intend to extend the State of Alarm beyond May 9.
He said: “The objective is that it is not necessary to extend the State of Alarm. We want May 9 to be the end point of the State of Alarm.”
He added that in the week of May 3 he expected to see five million people living in Spain completely vaccinated, and 10 million in the first week of June.
Pedro Sanchez said: “In total we have contracted more than 87 million doses between April and September. This will allow us to ensure that all citizens can be vaccinated in that period.”
The current State of Alarm was put in place last year for a period of six months, until May 9.
The decree establishes restrictions for the movement of people that the autonomous communities have been applying. Among these limitations have been the curfew to limit mobility at night and the perimeter closures of autonomous communities, provinces or municipalities, as well as confinements of certain areas.
The news could see tourism increased to Spain as the government administers more vaccines.


    • Mary Willard

      10 April 2021 • 01:45

      I’m a 76 year old European Resident living in Sotogrande feeling very vulnerable as visitors from outside the Cadiz province have been arriving here during Semana Santa
      Where are the Vaccines? Where are the Guardia to stop these Visitors? And now the State of Alarm is to end?
      I do not feel safe from Covid 19 now so what for the future?????

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