Three-Year-Old Dies in Fire in Cadiz

A THREE-YEAR-OLD has died in a house fire in Cadiz.
Firefighters also rescued a woman from the fire which saw a three-year-old die in Cadiz.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the boy died following a fire at a home in El Puerto de Santa Maria.
Firefighters also rescued a woman, the child’s grandmother, who was in one of the rooms.
The three-year-old boy died on Tuesday in a fire that originated in a house on Calle Durango in Cadiz, where the child’s grandmother, who has been taken to a hospital, was also rescued by firefighters.
The Provincial Fire Consortium of Cadiz said the fire took place shortly after 9am, when officers went to the site and rescued the child who was on the floor.
However, despite being taken to an ambulance he died.
The fire produced a large amount of smoke, according to the Fire Consortium, affecting the room, furniture, appliances and walls.
Firefighters said they had to break windows to remove the smoke.
The news comes after firefighters had to evacuate several people from a fire in Almeria.
The emergency services received a call at around 1pm, reporting a fire in a second-floor apartment, on Avenida de Los Angeles, in the capital, and when the emergency services arrived at the scene, they discovered that several mattresses had been set alight inside the apartment, and in other rooms as well.
According to the police statement, the property was under construction, and the owner had left there in the morning, only to return after midday and find the apartment on fire, with the Fire Brigade reporting finding four or five people inside the burning home, who they had to evacuate, though nobody was injured.