Police Arrest Man for Stealing from Malaga Cars

Organisation that Stole Luxury Vehicles in Malaga is Caught

Organisation that Stole Luxury Vehicles in Malaga is Caught. Image: Wikimedia

POLICE in Malaga have arrested a man for allegedly stealing from cars in Malaga.

Officers from the National Police arrested the man after he was accused of stealing from cars in Malaga.
According to Spanish newspaper Sur, the 48-year-old man was arrested after he was found breaking into a car.
The suspect was allegedly surprised by a local as he was getting out of the car with stolen items.  Officers from the National Police then arrested the man in Malaga accused of breaking into cars.
Police received a call from a citizen reporting that he had just seen a man get out of his car with a bag that he owned. After going to check the condition of the vehicle, the man found the lock forced and that his bag was missing.
He provided police with a description and after officers arrived at the scene, their first investigations pointed to the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crimes residing in the area.
They identified the alleged perpetrator, a 48-year-old man of Spanish nationality, who, apparently, had entered a nearby home.
While the agents waited near this address the person again came out with a bag in his hand and after finding that items inside were taken from the car, officers arrested him.
In the search carried out at the home of the man, agents found items from other thefts, several of them belongings to victims who had already reported them stolen.
The investigation resulted in the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of at least 10 thefts, as well as the recovery of some of the stolen items. The recovered effects were handed over to their owners.
The arrest was carried out as part of an operation to prevent thefts from cars in Malaga.