Conspiracy theorists abound

ONE THEORY: That the earth is flat.

Conspiracy theorists are everywhere. Wearing my columnist hat, I have over the years, researched and investigated large numbers of these theories; from Queen Elizabeth 1 being a man, to Area 51, the assassination of Kennedy, the death of Princess Diana and the Twin Towers attack etc.

One thing I endeavoured to do is to always retain an open mind. This can give you a clear advantage over these theorists – it is the one asset they most definitely do not possess! Once a CT has its teeth into something, irrespective of any proof to the contrary, they are virtually impossible to shake off.

With this in mind I thought I would delve a little further into the psyche of the compulsive theorists and what makes them actually tick. According to one school of psychiatry the paranoia that drives individuals to constantly scan the world for dangers and imagines the worst from others, is a throwback to Neanderthal times.

To mitigate threats from other tribes, these ancient humans needed to be suspicious of everything and everyone, merely to survive. The doctors also reached the conclusion that many theorists were people who retained manipulative unusual patterns of thought,  practised Machiavellianism, were insecure,  lonely or stressed, which made them more inclined to believe  in conspiracies and the supernatural.

These suspicious people are of course not always in the wrong. Although some of their theories, ie that the earth is flat or the moon landing didn’t take place – are laughable; there have been a number of instances where they were proven to be correct.

That the FBI was spying on John Lennon (True). Project Sunshine, where the US government was accused of stealing dead bodies to test for radiation after a nuclear explosion. (True). That as far back as 1950 tobacco companies were fully aware smoking was lethal and could cause cancer. (True) That you can be spied on through your laptop camera. (True – and worrying!)

On the other hand some of their theories can be highly dangerous. Those who believe the Covid pandemic doesn’t exist could, if they were in charge, be responsible for the deaths of millions.

In 2016 the personal mail of John, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager was hacked. He was found to have ordered large numbers of pizzas. The conspiracy theorists decided that these orders were a code for a child sex ring run by the members of the diplomatic party. The shop who supplied the pizzas was subsequently attacked by a man with a semi-automatic rifle! It was a miracle no one was killed. It ultimately transpired that Podesta really liked pizzas!

All I can say to the conspiracy theorists is keep believing what your heart and mind tells you. But please don’t patronise and pour scorn on others who hold a different point of view. What about turning your efforts to the biggest conspiracy theory of all; that we are merely figments of our own imagination? Now that is one I would truly like your views on. Good hunting!

Keep the Faith,

Love Leapy
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