Marbella council explains how important it is to be on the padron

Marbella council explains how important it is to be on the padron

Councillor Remedios Bocanegra spoke to EWN about the importance of being on the Padron

MARBELLA has a very active Foreign Nationals Department, led by Councillor Remedios Bocanegra, who explained how important it is to be registered on the padron.

Euro Weekly News spoke to the councillor about settling in Marbella and how being on the municipal census benefits everyone.
Why get on the padron?
If you live in Marbella, it’s important to register on the padron (census), here’s why:
The number of people registered as residents in a city affects the resources and financial aid that the city receives from the Central Government. The more people there are on the padron, the better for the city and all its residents.
There are more than 250,000 people living in Marbella but only 145,000 registered.
1,000 new registrations = one more firefighter
2,400 new registrations = one more rubbish truck
2,500 new registrations = four more police officers
As well as this, Marbella would get: more street sweepers, cleaning equipment and rubbish containers, more police cars and equipment for the police and fire department.
What are the benefits for you?
Registering on the Padron is important for you as it will allow you access to the public health service, public education, the chance to vote in the elections, discount on municipal services…
To register, take the following documents to the Foreign Nationals Department:
ID and passport
Deeds to the house or property tax bill in your name if you’re the owner; rental agreement and utility bill if you’re renting a property.
Your details should be renewed:
Every two years: citizens with temporary residence permits, EU citizens with NIE from before 2007 or who have never had an NIE
Every five years: citizens with permanent or EU relatives residence permits, EU citizens with NIE from after 2007
Find out more on: 952 768 766, e-mail:, on the web
Public health service
It is important to be on the Padron so that you can access the public health system.
Once you are on the padron and have the Certificado de Empadronamiento, take this and your NIE/TIE document to the health centre for the district where you live and you will receive assistance to register and have a family doctor assigned to you.
If you have private health insurance and you want to be eligible for the Covid-19 jab, there is a simplified process for registering with the health service so that they can contact you when it’s your turn to get the jab. Find the form which you need to fill in at our website:
Something for everyone
Councillor Remedios Bocanegra also clarified that although it may be known for its luxury mansions and top restaurants, Marbella has something to suit any budget.
She explained that plenty of activities are arranged in Marbella focusing on the foreigners who live there, such as talks about administrative matters, including some aimed specifically at university age students who are given assistance to register on the padron, access to transport cards and other benefits to help them settle.
The councillor also told us that the city hall has simplified the procedures for opening a business in Marbella, doing away with excess red tape and reducing taxes.
Important contact details in Marbella
Emergencies: 112
National Police: 091
Local Police: 092
Guardia Civil: 062
Medical emergency: 061
Firemen: 060
Foreigners’ Department: 952 76 87 66 /
National Police Station: 902 10 21 12 (to report a crime)
National Police Foreigners’ Department: 952 86 72 41
City Hall: 952 76 11 00
Tourist Offices:
Marbella: 952 76 87 60
Plaza de los Naranjos: 952 76 87 07
Puerto Banus: 952 76 87 49
San Pedro: 952 76 87 50
Help for foreign tourists: 952 76 87 55
Costa del Sol Hospital: 951 97 66 69
Post Office: Marbella 952 77 28 98 / San Pedro: 952 78 03 93
Bus Station Marbella: 955 03 86 65
Taxi: 952 77 44 88 / 952 82 36 35
Foreign associations in Marbella
There are several associations in Marbella run by and aimed at foreigners:
Age Concern Marbella
Brexpats in Spain 
International Christian Fellowship Marbella
Marbella Global Lions Club
Rotary Club Marbella Guadalmina
U3A International
Royal British Legion Marbella
Costa Women

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