Find out more about what the BMW M440i xDrive has to offer

BMW M440i xDrive

BMW have long had coupes in their line-up, from their early pre-war beginnings with the 327/328 right up to the present day with the latest 4-Series Coupe. 

What was previously the 3-Series Coupe has morphed into the 4-Series, this sensibly leaves the 3-Series as a saloon or Tourer and the 4-series as the convertible, coupe and rather stylised gran coupe.

Prices for the new 4-Series Coupe start from €46,970 (£40,465) for the petrol 184 hp M Sport 420i. There’s a choice of both petrol and diesel 4-cylinder turbo power units, a 6-cylinder petrol along with all-wheel-drive, and every model features the same 8-speed sport steptronic automatic gearbox.

The first thing that strikes you on all the latest BMWs, and the 4-Series is no exception, is that new grille. It has divided opinion more than Marmite! Irrespective of your thoughts it would be shame to let it detract from what is a first-class coupe. The interior is beautifully executed with a clarity of design that others could learn from and there’s a feeling a quality throughout.

My test model was the BMW M440i xDrive with a lovely straight six, turbocharged 3.0-litre petrol power plant. It’s aided by a 48-volt hybrid system and generates 374 hp, yet will return 38 mpg in combined driving and more when cruising. That’s quite an achievement when you consider the power of this coupe.

Intelligent all-wheel-drive is standard and automatically directs power to the wheels that have grip, and it can direct up to 100% of available power to either axle. The ride comfort is very good and lacks the usual characteristic firmness one might expect. This doesn’t bring any negative consequences for the handling which along with decent steering makes this a fun car across more twisting roads.

Prices for the 440 start from €63,459 (£54,670) but as with most German cars tick a few options boxes and the price climbs, in this case by €9,402 (£8,100) for various add-on packs. There are some surprising standard omissions for a car of this price level, such as power seats and lumbar support.

It translates into a delightful drive which can be fun if you exercise your right foot, or more leisurely if you ease back. It all goes to make the BMW a perfect GT that could take you hundreds of miles and you would emerge fully relaxed at the end of the journey. Most likely smiling!

Facts at a Glance

  • Model: BMW M440i xDrive
  • Engine: 3.0-litre straight 6-cylinder petrol with electric hybrid & developing 374 hp
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic with intelligent all-wheel-drive
  • Performance: 0-100 kmh (62 mph) 4.5 seconds/Maximum Speed 249 kmh (155 mph)
  • Economy: 7.7 l/100km (36.7 mpg) WLTP
  • Emissions: 176 g/km WLTP

Model tested was UK-specification and equipment levels and prices may vary in other markets.

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Mark Slack

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