Main Facts You Need to Know about Gambling Regulation in the UK 2021

Main Facts You Need to Know about Gambling Regulation in the UK 2021

The UK gambling industry is undergoing major changes. From this article, you will get to know about the most important news and regulations.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the popularity of online casinos among UK residents skyrocketed. The authorities got scared. They thought that thousands of citizens might fall prey to gambling addiction. In reality, this addiction is not too contagious: only around 2% of the population might be prone to it. Nevertheless, the government has already imposed severe restrictions on the national gambling industry — and many more limitations are about to come. From this article, you will get to know about the most important legislative changes that affect UK online casinos.

Advertising Cannot Glorify Gambling or Attract Children to It

Previously, casino ads could feature luxurious cars, women wearing expensive jewellery and other attributes of a premium lifestyle. Today, such creativity is considered illegal. Very few players manage to hit a jackpot in a casino. Casinos should not be regarded as a stable and reliable source of income that can make many people rich.

Besides, casinos cannot advertise themselves in a way that might seem appealing to underage viewers. They need to be careful with depicting shiny and dynamic elements of the games. They should avoid showing funny animals, or clowns, or other items that children’s games include.

Players Will Not Be Able to Cancel Their Withdrawals

Starting from October 31, 2021, UK customers cannot get their money back on their gambling balances and spend them on stakes. Authorities believe that this behaviour pattern is one of the gambling addiction symptoms. Usually, withdrawals are not instant. They might take up to a week, depending on the payment method. That would give a gambler enough time to cool down and leave the casino for a while.

Gamblers Cannot Top Up Their Deposits with Credit Cards

If a person borrows funds to make stakes in a casino, it is a sign of addiction. Credit cards enable their owners to borrow large sums very quickly and at any time of the day. Unfortunately, the ban affects not only potential addicts but hundreds of people who used to gamble responsibly with their credit cards. But in the meantime, credit card deposits are still available at non-GamStop online casinos in the UK.

There Should Be No Autospin Function in Slots

This option accelerates the gambling process. The client does not need to push the button manually to set the reels of a slot in motion: they will keep on spinning as long as the machine has access to money. Due to such an approach, a player might lose a lot in a very short time.

VIP Programs Might Become Obsolete

Authorities require rigorous harm checks for loyalty programs. They state that people become addicted to gambling because they strive to increase their VIP status as quickly as possible. There might be a grain of truth in this logic. Yet casino owners believe that it might be easier for them to cancel loyalty programs at all rather than carry out these checks.

The Brand Owner and License Holder Needs to Be the Same Person

Today, this rule is not yet relevant. The brand owner might hold the rights for the casino’s name and the operator might hold the license. The former is responsible for marketing and the latter — for deposits and safety. Authorities do not approve of such a mismatch of responsibility and insist on changing the rules.

What Can UK Gamblers Do If They Do Not Like These Restrictions?

Such restrictions are a double-edged sword. They can be both beneficial and detrimental for the industry in the long run. Fortunately, UK gamblers have a right to legally sign up for offshore casinos. There, they can play freely, without any of the above-mentioned limitations, and have fair chances to win real cash.


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