Victoria’s Secret Says Goodbye to its Angels in Bid to Create New Image

Victoria's Secret Says Goodbye to its Angels in Bid to Create New Image

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VICTORIA’S SECRET begins a new stage with one of the most significant changes of the lingerie firm to date. After years of criticism of its famous show for the damaging beauty standards it promoted, the brand has decided to say goodbye to the angels that have been representing it for decades.

Since its first big show in 1995, the anticipation for the show has not stopped growing year after year, becoming one of the most famous and opulent fashion catwalks in the world. However, the new generations did not see favourably the unrealistic aesthetic that it fostered and what had to be done to get those bodies that Victoria’s Secret considered the only ones that were valid.

This thought led the brand to create several controversies, such as a campaign about the “perfect body” with very thin women. This led to significant backlash with many users on social media networks commenting that this type of advertising promoted anorexia and imposed a “ridiculous ideal of beauty” on women.

All these controversies, added to the poor image that the firm has among young people, has led Victoria’s Secret to say goodbye to its angels and embark on creating an updated image with new representatives who personify the woman of the 21st century. “We needed to stop paying attention to what men wanted and instead turn around what women want,” said Martin Waters, CEO of the firm. The CEO added that he feels that the Victoria’s Secret Angels have already fulfilled their stage and that the brand considers that they are no longer culturally relevant.

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