Police in Ibiza intervene several illegal house parties

Police in Ibiza intervene several illegal house parties

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LOCAL Police in Ibiza of Sant Antoni has evicted an illegal party in which there were 300 people this weekend and the entrance fee was €100, as reported by the City Council yesterday, July 5.

The events occurred on Saturday night, July 3, when officers went to a home in the Can Tomàs area, after a neighbourhood call alerted to the presence of hundreds of people on a nearby farm. Upon arriving at the location, with the collaboration of the owner and landlord of the house, the police observed that there were about 300 people inside and outside the house, as well as a professional music team, several bars and different dance areas. The Local Police, with the support of a Guardia Civil patrol, evicted the attendees of the event, some of whom reported that they had been charged an entry fee that included a bracelet and poker chips to exchange for drinks. During the intervention, two ambulances had to assist two individuals under the influence of toxic substances or narcotics.

As reported by Periodico de Ibiza, officers denounced the tenants, the organizers of the party, for violation of the municipal noise ordinance, for not having authorization for a non-permanent activity and also added a score of complaints for organizing an illegal party without respecting the rules against covid- 19. In addition, the music equipment was intervened and the extent of the damage suffered in the house is unknown in order to file another complaint.

Meanwhile, on the same night, the Local Police intervened in another party in a house in Sant Mateu, to which officers were accompanied by the Guardia Civil on several occasions. The tenant acknowledged that he had held a party with about 20 people that had already ended, but he refused to allow officers access to carry out an inspection of the house. The Local Police filed a complaint for violation of the municipal noise ordinance after the neighbourhood complaints. During the night, more alerts were received due to a large concentration of people in the Pla de Sant Mateu area, where the Local Police and Guardia Civil patrols re-identified the tenant, who acknowledged having held the party, without providing more data.

During the weekend, the Local Police of Sant Antoni also attended other parties at homes after receiving complaints from neighbours. In two of them, the tenants turned off the music immediately and in another, on the Santa Agnès road, officers intercepted a concentration of people on the road, but they dissolved the group without detecting any other party in the vicinity.

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