Covid passports WILL be compulsory in UK pubs

Covid passports will be compulsory in UK pubs. image: Twitter

It has been reported that Covid passports will be compulsory in pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.

The decision has been made for Covid passports to be compulsory in pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs to avoid a fourth wave of the virus in autumn.

This will mean people in Britain will have to show their vaccination certificates to prove that they have been fully vaccinated, or have had a recent negative test to enter venues.

According to the Evening Standard, experts hope this will stop a surge in cases and increase the vaccination rates among young people.

“In autumn vaccine passports could become an important tool that will allow us to keep things open,” a Downing Street source told The Times.

Another said: “If we can show real benefits of getting vaccinated in terms of everyday life then it could be quite a useful tool.”

The news comes as the UK’s Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps MP, has confirmed that fully vaccinated UK nationals will no longer have to quarantine after coming back from amber list countries, including Spain.

The Transport Secretary made the announcement in a speech in the House of Commons, today, Thursday, July 8, confirming that travellers will no longer have to quarantine when coming back to the UK from amber list countries.

Grant Shapps MP said: “I can confirm today that from the 19th of July, UK residents who are fully vaccinated, through the UK vaccine rollout will no longer have to self, isolate when they return to England.”

He added: “This means that for fully vaccinated travellers, the requirements for green and amber countries are the same.”

He said: “They’ll still be required to take a test three days before returning, the pre-departure test, demonstrating they’re negative before they travel, and a PCR test on or before day two, but they will no longer be required to take a day eight test.”

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Written by

Laura Kemp

Originally from UK, Laura is based in Axarquia and is a writer for the Euro Weekly News covering news and features. Got a news story you want to share? Then get in touch at [email protected]


    • Kevin Turvey

      10 July 2021 • 17:41

      When you have been vaccinated, but you can still get COVID, what is the point of Vaccine Passports…?

    • Ste

      13 July 2021 • 10:29

      So the tyranny of the is goverment and the rest of the worlds powers are finally showing, with all those who where labelled as conspiracy theorists and loons being proven right! Along with showing how pathetically stupid people are the belive anything that is told to them! Firstly THERE IS NO COVID! There never was, there are plenty of people dying from what people have always died of, just being rebranded as this made up virus. Even when you state that people will shout, well I have had it or I know people who have died of it…. no, you have been told you have had it or you have been told thats what they died of, you basically have been lied to! People dying from bacterial infections other viral infections even cancer, heart failure, etc etc. All been lped under the umbrella of this biological defying virus (just to be clear i have a Bsc in applied biochemistry so understand the biology) even those who have no clue which is 99.999999% of the country it should be apparent by applying very little critical thinking that this is all complete nonsesne and is for one this, to gain control. People say why destroy the economy, they haven’t have they theose in power have become richer, gotten more control, larger companies have hoovered up smaller companies that have gone to the wall etc. People will say why is this being doe across the world when goverments disagree on many things or are even considered enemies, because these goverment do occasionally agree on things and what better to agree on something that gives all these govetemtns more control of their populous, control over their lives, access to all of your data, allowing it all to be stored in one place to be able to track everyone. Ots all small steps to a final goal people have to remember, totalitarianism doesn’t happen over night, especially now due to past events people are (unfortunately no where near enough) aware of certain world wars etc and crimes against humanity, but we seem to be descend to commit them again just via a different path, power of the pen under the guise of “its for your safety” something that was continually used when that certain group rose to power. The behavioural scientists working for the govemrent seem to have us (or the large majority) pegged, continuing fear, wesr people down… they are even admitting it right here. Does any one realise that this plan and the paper where written before the first lockdown? This paper was on the BMJ (British medical journal) it was published there in aghast last year but the original was from 2019. With the layout for operation moonshot, how they would coherse people in to doing as they told with sanctioned based legislation, using mob mentality to push the agenda, people just want to go on holiday, or now to the pub and shops, its been made law in France! This is insidious at its lost and the problem with such is people don’t realise because they are part of it.

      • Tom Drange

        28 July 2021 • 20:12

        What a moron!

        I learned over many years, always to suspect cock-up, before conspiracy…

        You’re clearly implying that the entire medical profession is in cahoots with disparate and diametrically opposed political parties and groups!

        Where do you stand on:

        – The Holocaust
        – 9/11
        – Spanish Flu ( c.1918)
        Climate Change.

        Your diatribe is dangerous…

        Please stop peddling this kind of nonsense, under the peg of you being the only person who knows what’s really going on…( I doubt that VERY much…

        Good night!


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