What happens if you get Covid after receiving one vaccine dose?

What happens if you get Covid after receiving one vaccine dose?

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WHAT happens if you get Covid after receiving one vaccine dose? Even with the complete regimen, immunity demonstrated in clinical trials is not acquired until 7 to 28 days after the second injection, depending on the vaccine administered. Therefore, it is very important to remain prudent and avoid contracting the virus in the time while waiting to receive the second vaccine dose.

As reported by 20 Minutos, the Ministry of Health already counted on this when drawing up the Vaccination Strategy. As stated in the document, those people under 65 who have been infected between doses of the vaccine will have the second dose delayed six months after infection. This assumption applies only to the two-dose vaccines which include Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, as the Janssen vaccine only requires a single dose.

Jaime Jesús Pérez, a member of the Spanish Association of Vaccination explained, “The second dose would be given (according to Health, six months after infection) because only one dose is given when people have overcome the virus before being vaccinated”. Pérez continues, “When what happens is that you have administered a dose and then you have Covid, you really do not know how the immune system was prepared at the time of infection. You do not know if it is because you were incubating, if you have not had time to that develops a response, etc. The question is that clearly you are vaccinated with a dose and have had an infectious process, with which it is necessary to understand that the immune system is not sufficiently prepared”.

“What has been studied sufficiently, and that is clear, is that people who pass the disease and then are vaccinated with a dose have a very powerful immunity. In fact, there are authors who bet that this immunity is already maintained for life, “he concludes. In fact, Health considers in its Strategy not to vaccinate with a second dose to those who have already had the virus before being inoculated and recommends receiving the first and only, for the moment, until six months after infection.


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