How to get a Tanzania visa online in three very easy steps

How to Get a Tanzania Visa Online in 3 Very Easy Steps

If you are looking for a great travel destination in Africa that has it all, then stop by Tanzania, find out here how to get a visa online in three very easy steps.

From the peak of Kilimanjaro and the spectacular wildlife below to the magnificent Indian Ocean beaches and Zanzibar resorts, the country has it all.

What’s more, some of the best tourist attractions in Africa are in Tanzania. And this includes the great wildebeest migration as well as Africa’s big five.

Tanzania is among the East African countries that is popular for its extensive wilderness. And This includes the Serengeti plains, the Kilimanjaro Park, coastal regions, tropical islands, and other! As a result, it draws in many tourists interested in sightseeing and a true wildlife experience.

But besides the wild, there are other significant attractions that Tanzania has to offer. You can learn about the country’s history through its museums, among other places.

Currently, most foreign travelers need to obtain a visa before visiting Tanzania. However, getting a Tanzania visa from the Embassy is not that easy. The paperwork and queuing in line can be back-breaking.

Luckily, Tanzanian government decided to make visa handling a bit easier! With the electronic Tanzania visa you can do everything from home. Use any working device with an internet connection and apply for your e-Visa to Tanzania today on!

How to Get the Tanzania Visa Online in 3 Very Easy Steps 

What is the Tanzania e-Visa?

Tanzania e-Visa is an electronic permit that travelers can use to enter this country. Therefore everything is done online, from the application process to receiving the approved document. It’s a simple process that everyone can manage through a computer.

For being a digital process, that means you can apply for this document anywhere at any time! 

What do I need to apply for the Tanzania e-Visa?

As an applicant, prepare the following requirements before applying online:

  • A passport with a 6-month minimum validity from your date of entry into Tanzania
  • Your face photo (use the PC or phone camera to take it)
  • Evidence that you have a returning ticket
  • A working email to receive your e-Visa (PDF), once processing is complete

How to apply in 3 steps

To apply, first, get a working device with internet access. You can choose to use your laptop, computer, tablet, or phone with a browser. Next simply follow these steps:

1.  Online Application

Fill in an online form by providing your essential information. It will include – an email, reason for your visit, date of arrival in Tanzania, passport information, and more. Next, attach the documents needed as proof of the provided data.

2.  Make payments

Cover the fees using any online payment method. Therefore, choose the mean of payment that fits you best from many secure e-payment options available.

3.  Check your inbox

Finally, wait for a confirmation number as proof that your payment was received. After that, you have up to ten business days to wait for the e-Visa to be delivered in form of a PDF file.

How can I use my approved Tanzania e-Visa? 

Let’s take a look at types of Tanzania electronic visas and how each of them can be used after issuing:

  • Transit e-Visa

With an electronic transit permit, you have up to 7 days in Tanzania from your date of arrival. Also, you cannot use this permit for any other activity besides transit.

That means forget about exploring tourist sites.

  • Tourist e-Visa

With an electronic tourist visa, you can explore all sorts of tourist attractions in the country for up to 30 days.

Therefore, you can appreciate Tanzania ventures, relaxing vacations, and stop by any tourist site. Also, you can visit your friends or family staying in Tanzania using this electronic visa within the specified period.

  • Multiple-entry e-Visa

This type of Tanzania e-Visa is issued specifically for US citizens. So, if you happen to come from the US, apply for this special permit that has a 12-month valid period.

With each entry, you have 90 days of exploring the country for tourism purposes. This includes visiting friends and relatives living in Tanzania, coming in for a relaxing gateaway, or touring the country’s attraction sites.

Tanzania’s best attractions

  • Kilimanjaro

The highest mountain in Africa and the center of attraction in Tanzania is Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s a UNESCO site and the best place for a thrilling hiking adventure.

  • Serengeti Park

Home to Africa’s big five and another popular attraction beside Mt. Kilimanjaro. If you want to watch the world-famous wildebeest migration, then make sure to take time to visit Serengeti.

  • Ngorongoro Crater

The largest and tallest caldera in Africa, the Ngorongoro crater, is in Tanzania. It offers a breathtaking view of nature and has a fantastic collection of wild animals.

  • Cultural Spots

Cultural tourism is another thrilling adventure. And here in Tanzania, there are multiple cultural spots to explore.

There is Zanzibar Island, Mafia, and Pemba Island, among others. These places will give you a true one on one experience of the local culture.

  • Museums 

For a fascinating insight into Tanzania’s history, visit their national museum. If you want a detailed understanding of the local regions, there are other local museums across the country you can stop by.

Try the Sukuma Museum, the Princess Salme Museum, and the Olduvai Gorge Museum.

  • Ancient Towns

There are several ancient towns in Tanzania with historical significance. Some of them were centers of colonial administrations.

Therefore, prepare to explore ruins and colonial buildings that are still intact with a long history behind them. You should definitely consider visiting Dar es Salaam City, Arusha, Dodoma, Kigoma, and Bagamoyo.

Final thoughts

Tanzania is an exceptional tourist destination! It has great attractions ranging from historical sites to natural wonders. Whichever your reason for visiting the country is, you need a Tanzanian e-Visa.

With this electronic travel permit, there will be no dealings with the embassy, excessive paperwork, or waiting in long queues. So, make your visit to Tanzania as memorable as possible with the use of Tanzania e-Visa!

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