It’s never too late to change

A FRESH START: Many of us focus too much on the past

A FRESH START: Many of us focus too much on the past.

I WAS inspired to write this month’s article after talking to an old friend who has recently made some brave and incredible changes to their life, resulting in becoming a better, more fulfilled and successful version of themself.

J F Kennedy once said “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

Many of us focus too much on the past which tends to mould our present day as opposed to actually really living in the present moment and appreciating a brand-new day, a fresh start, a new page, a new story which you can compose yourself.

By allowing past influences, defeats and traumas to hold us back will only keep us there and always be an excuse to justify why we haven’t achieved what we really want to in life.

So, how do we change for the better, how do we become who we really want to be? The way to change is to first ‘welcome’ the future and not be fearful of it. Remember that you are the author of ‘your’ book of life. You can write a new story or you can continue living in your old story book that has become all too familiar and being uncomfortably comfortable. You can fill your day with new challenges, a new way of being or you can let it be filled very quickly with unwanted challenges and problems.

It’s never too late to change and become the person you dream about being. Success is anything you decide it to be as long as it is what you want, especially if it’s for the greater good of yourself and others. If you can be proud of your achievements and how you’re living your life then that is the measure of success.

Many people do not actually find their true success or calling in life until after the age of 40 or 50 for some even 60 and beyond, so it’s never too late.

It is all too easy to say ‘I’m too old to change, I’m too set in my ways.’ However, the reality is actually the opposite. It’s only what we tell ourselves on a regular basis that causes us to believe such untrue statements. Once we break that habitual way of thinking and replace it with more empowering statements such as ‘I am capable of doing amazing things, I’m ready to succeed.’ The quicker things will start to change and so will you.

Being aware of your thoughts and dismissing the seeds of doubt before they take hold is important. The weeds that grow in the garden of your mind that have been holding you back will start to dissipate and be replaced with new life full of colour, beauty and clarity once you start thinking differently.

Decide what it is in life you really want, write down what you’ve always dreamed of doing or being however small it may be. Writing it down is a great step to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Everything is possible and you are more than capable of becoming a better version of yourself. You have a choice, to accept your life as it is or change it for the better.

Have a clear intention, a full expectation as to what you really want, expect the best and believe you’ll get it.

It’s never too late to change!

Rob Shallis –

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