Going to the dogs

An ever smiling Selina Mackenzie, joyous even before knowing how much money was raised!

An ever smiling Selina Mackenzie, joyous even before knowing how much money was raised!

Anyone who follows my television programme ‘Marbella Now’, aired daily on RTV Marbella and available online, will know that I find our local community inspiring.

So many people who dedicate their free time – and not so free time – to helping others; either in groups, or independently.  It can be quite upsetting nonetheless to realise how many worthy causes there are, all needing our support and assistance. This is why it makes it so heart-warming to see that so many members of our local community get up and do something to try and help, even though it can be quite a challenge. No good deed goes unpunished as they say…

However, as life is yin and yang, yay or nay, it really is up to us to accept the negative or put our own positive spin on the situation; somehow.

Such is the case with the Adana dog shelter in Estepona. Following the literally devastating fires in the Sierra Bermeja in September their shelter, where over 100 dogs were housed at the time was severely damaged. The whole area has been devastated with 10,000 hectares of land, flora and fauna destroyed in the flames.

Only thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers could an evacuation plan be put into place to get the dogs out of the shelter, risking their own safety whilst animals were herded into all available vehicles to save them from the flames and smoke.

Thanks to a desperate appeal to our local community temporary placements were made for the dogs, but many now cannot stay where they are and will need to go back to Adana until they find their forever home.

It will take an estimated €45,000 for the shelter to return to some form of normality, a significant amount but not impossible, if we all do our bit.

Selina Mackenzie, presenter on Talk Radio Europe, had the ingenious idea to organise a Doggy Disco to raise funds, knowing that every small donation can add up to making a big difference. I don’t think even she could have anticipated that they would raise over €1,700 in just a couple of hours or that there would be so very many Adana adopted dogs that came to the dance to show their gratitude.

The event was hosted at the Victoria & Albert pub in Benavista and it was marvellous.  If you watch my show #MN323 airing on Thursday at 11pm on RTV Marbella, you’ll get a chance to see just how many different breeds of dogs showed up with their owners; It was like a family reunion for everyone.

It was also a great opportunity to meet and chat with like-minded friends, win wonderful raffle prizes, gyrate to doggy dance music and munch on haute cuisine hot dogs prepared by chef Luke.

A big well done to Selina and everyone involved; how satisfying for you all to know that all your hard work paid off … and that it’s all going to the dogs.

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