Claim against the co-owner for the expenses of the property in Spain

Spanish civil code

At White Baos Lawyers, we have advised on many occasions, to co-owners with problems with the rest of the co-owners. Mainly because they do not want to pay anything in relation with the common property.

People must be aware that, if one of the co-owners does not want to contribute to the expenses of the property, the other co-owners could claim against him or her, for the proportional part of them.

Legally the Spanish civil code confirms that each owner is liable as per his percentage of ownership on the property. So, the rights and obligations of each owner depends on the quote they have on the property.

Legally, it is possible to claim for the expenses needed to conserve and maintain the property. As far as they can be identified and are normal expenses (no extraordinary). For example: cost of the mortgage, local taxes, community of owners, etc.

About the possibility of claiming for the water and electricity, etc that is not clear. Because some courts understand that it must pay for it, the person that is using the property.

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