The importance of creating a Spanish will with Golden Leaves

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The importance of creating a Spanish will with Golden Leaves. Image: Wikimedia

MANY British people move to Spain for the sunny lifestyle, with most buying up assets in the country, including homes, cars and other valuables and having a will created by Golden Leaves experts will protect those assets.

While a lot of expats may have a British will, many do not also have a Spanish one to ensure their assets here go where they want when the time comes and Golden Leaves can put you in touch with their experts to create one.
For expats with property or assets overseas with different legal systems it is essential to have a will.
This way, you can avoid leaving your loved ones with a lengthy and expensive legal succession process, and confusion as to your intentions. Also, valuable tax savings can be achieved with proper documentation.
Funeral experts Golden Leaves can put you in touch with experts to ensure you have all the advice you need in relation to having a suitable will drafted.
The process of making a will can be a difficult one. Not only does it mean that you need to consider your own mortality, but you also need to consider who you would prefer to benefit from your savings, your belongings, and perhaps even your house. While making important decisions regarding your will may not be easy, it will make things easier for those you leave behind. Additionally, failing to plan your will could result in your savings, your belongings and your house being left in the wrong hands.
Creating your will is obviously a very important procedure, and allows you to consider a number of important planning issues.
It is important to consider whether as an expat you are concerned about the costs of long term care fees or managing your care options.
Golden Leaves also says it is important to consider what will happen to your assets if your partner remarries after your death and whether your children will still receive what you intended.
They also suggest you think about what happens if you leave your assets to your children and they get divorced, or what happens if you leave your assets to your partner or children and they have financial difficulties.
Another important issue to consider is who you would like to act on your behalf if you were unable to manage your financial affairs or personal welfare due to some form of incapacity.
Golden Leaves are able to put you in touch with experts who can help you consider who you want to benefit from your assets when the time comes and can put together a Spanish will to ensure they go where you want them to.
Golden Leaves can also help you find the right pre-paid funeral plan for you, preventing your loved ones from having to organise your funeral in a different country and another language and ensuring that your wishes are carried out in full.
Contact Golden Leaves today for help with your will and to choose the right pre-paid funeral plan for you.
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