World’s fastest e-scooter can hit 120 kmh according to tests

WORLD’S fastest e-scooter can hit 120 kmh according to tests and in many countries they still remain unregulated.
As many authorities around the world consider taking action to ensure that there are rules concerning the ownership and driving of e-scooters it has emerged that range and speed of many has increased significantly.
Those visiting Gibraltar are literally surrounded by mainly cross border workers who don’t want to drive cars or bikes across the border and can take advantage of the fact that they are portable and can be stored easily.
So concerned is the Government there that it is introducing new laws which will require that the riders are insured, wear helmets, have lights and must not ride on pavements but in the meantime, they proliferate and have been the cause of accidents.
Imagine the surprise of Belgian police officers who had set up a speed trap in the town of Mechelen when they clocked one of these e-scooters travelling at 43 kmh in a 30kmh zone with the rider unregistered, uninsured and not wearing protective clothing.
What surprised them even more is that when they examined the scooter at the police station, they discovered that the model in question had a published top speed in excess of 100 kmh.
There is a top ten according to a review by the electric scooter guide of the fastest e-scooters in the world with speeds ranging from 80 kmh on the low side to 120 kmh the top with the original intention that they be used for off road racing.
Considering that the top speed on any road in Spain is 120 kmh, the thought of being overtaken by an e-scooter is quite frightening.
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