Sustainability in work space design: Joan 6 Pro and the Red Dot Design Awards

The work space and environment is changing rapidly. More and more companies have embraced a hybrid work model, or have reinvented their working environment and culture. This has largely come as a result of a changing outlook on work ethics, as well as an approach to sustainability. The annual Red Dot Design Awards consistently celebrate innovation and excellence in design. In recent years, sustainability and ethics have become a point of concern and contemplation to the awards. This has resulted in many sustainable designs and designers receiving the esteemed award. 

Joan 6 Pro is a sustainable and human-centered E-paper design solution. The device is designed for advanced meeting room management, and safe team collaboration.

Trends in Work Space Design 2022

Circular Economy

A circular economy is one that focuses on reusing and recycling. This means that companies opt to utilize rented or leased officeware, and limit large changes in office space design. This differs from the linear approach of work space design, where officeware is consistently purchased, utilized, and discarded. This is a notable trend, as it offers a gap in the market for refurbished design,using recycled materials and existing products. 

Hybrid and Remote Work

The pandemic has opened the door for remote and hybrid work. This is obviously sustainable, given that less people are required to commute to work, and less fossil fuel consumption is required. Similarly, the absence, or lesser usage, of a workspace means less energy consumption. 

This creates a unique market for designers in 2022, who can innovate and optimize the working experience within a non-traditional work environment. Hybrid and remote work settings require more applications and design to make them viable. This is due to the necessity for adequate team communication and collaboration. Designers have the opportunity to create workplace products that are sustainable and suitable to non-traditional work environments.

Work Culture

Work culture has become a hot topic amongst business owners, employees and business journalists. Work culture is an important point of consideration for many workers when choosing a working environment. This means that an emphasis is placed on employee experience, as well as team collaboration. 

Joan 6 Pro
Copyright: Joan by Visionect

Designers can work to harness the power of work culture by innovating products that are designed for the employee experience. Products that focus on fostering a creative, productive and enjoyable experience for employees will become a vital part of work space design. 

Joan 6 Pro

Joan 6 Pro is a device that prioritizes work culture, ethics, sustainability and efficiency. The e-paper device has a 6-inch 4:3 touch display, and can be mounted using a smart magnet, or through a PoE dock. 

The sustainable features of Joan 6 Pro are notable. One charge can sustain the device for almost six months. Similarly, the energy required to sustain the device for an entire year, is the equivalent of making a single cup of coffee. Moreover, the Joan 6 Pro is 580 times more power efficient than tablets. This not only saves users on energy consumption and costs, but it is a relief to the environment. In addition to its energy saving capabilities, the device is made from recyclable glass and aluminum. This ensures not only the longevity of the product, but its value beyond its life cycle.

Joan 6 Pro has recently been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for outstanding product design. This is an important and noteworthy achievement, as the award committee surveyed over 20,000 submissions from approximately 60 countries. These submissions are all from innovative and leading designers, and Joan 6 Pro’s win is a testament to their value, sustainability and efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

The global workforce is changing, and work spaces and environments are adapting to these changes. Designers are noting the need for products that are not only efficient and problem solving, but are sustainable, ethical, and user-orientated. As a result, work space design is molding itself around trends that relate to sustainability and workplace ethics. This has increased the awareness of products that support working collaboration and teamwork. Joan 6 Pro is a product that harnesses sustainability, in conjunction with user-focused design. This has enabled the device to win the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for outstanding product design in 2022. 



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