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THIS piece is dedicated mainly to those crying into their herbal teas over the UK government’s decision to ship the rubber boat immigrants to Rwanda.

This week I received a link from a black lady living in the north of England. Her son has just resigned his position as chef at a local hotel; one of scores allocated to immigrants from Afghanistan. Apparently he had become so upset by the constant racist and rude remarks from the ‘guests’ that he finally decided he would simply have to relinquish his position.

His Mum, visibly upset on the link, then went on to explain that almost without exception, most Afghans are arrogant racists and will not even sit down with any local councillor who is black! They also refuse to have their food served by anyone black or allow black cleaners to tidy their rooms. Those in this same hotel recently complained that their television sets were too small and all rooms subsequently had their TVs exchanged for 42 inch screens. On arrival they are each issued with prepaid cards containing £1,000 and mobile phones.

They are all signed on, given job seekers allowance and many are signed up for brand new houses. And as if this wasn’t enough, they are repaying the generosity of the British people by showing no respect whatsoever and virtually trashing these hotels with damage that could ultimately cost the taxpayer millions.

I also received a letter from a gentleman in Eastbourne, East Sussex. He told me that Eastbourne hotels, which charge around £100 a day, are full of these immigrants. Almost beyond belief, once a week large numbers are ferried by 15 or 20 taxis for a free day at David Lloyd’s Health Club, plus a day at a nine-hole golf club! You really couldn’t make it up.

And all this is going on while Britain’s homeless including many ex-servicemen are sleeping in doorways! Still think they shouldn’t all be sent to Rwanda? Give us a break. Let us just hope that the woke bleeding hearts brigade (and leftie money grabbing lawyers) are unable to delay this utterly commendable and absolutely necessary operation for too long. We may as well upset everyone this week. I recently received an e-mail attachment which showed the transgender winner of a female swimming competition in the USA.

This individual was broad shouldered, six feet three in height and heavily muscled. All power however to the female contestants who came second and third. They insisted on calling the girl who came in fourth to join them on the podium for photographs. Well done girls, but the way things are going I’m afraid you’re in one race you will be extremely lucky to win; unless of course the world sport governing organisations decide to use some common sense and label this whole exercise completely illegal.

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    • Carla Moss

      10 May 2022 • 11:33

      You’ve excelled yourself this week. Passing off inaccurate messages as facts is wrong. No refugee gets the benefits that you claim they do. None! They get £37 a week to live on and accommodation provided by the local authority as they deem necessary until their case has gone through the system. Re the transgender swimmer, she was 5’8” and finished 5th and 8th (last) in the other races she was in. The other three who had a photo taken was completely separate as they had competed in the olympics together the year before. Your constant ‘fake news’ which I suggest are more accurately ‘lies’ are from a position of ignorance and fear of difference. As an immigrant yourself, your views are shameful.

    • Paul chaloner

      10 May 2022 • 11:37

      For your information, all top swimmers have broad shoulders, including women. You will also find that one of the leading female swimmers at the olympics last year was well over 6’ tall. Are you suggesting they should ban her? I challenge you to post the names of all transgender swimmers or other athletes who have won Olympic, world or even national championships. I’ve asked this numerous times before on other forums but sad,y, no one has been able to supply one. Given your superior knowledge in this area, I suspect this will be no problem for you.

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