III Los Mentirosos Biker Concentration returns to Marbella

Scene from the 2019 event

Scene from the 2019 event Credit: Los Mentirosos

THE III Los Mentirosos Biker Concentration returns to Marbella Congress Palace on June 25 and 26.

Organised by the local bike club, the event offers something for all lovers of two wheeled travel and there will be plenty of stands offering a range of different products as well as games and displays.

Top Spanish tribute band Queen of Magic will be appearing at 9.30pm on June 25 and the four members of the band have studied the music of Queen and perform in such a way that the audience believes that they are listening to the original group itself.

They have a wide repertoire including all the most popular hits played note for note so this should be a great end to the evening.

Visitors are invited to help support Jesús Ríos, Malaga’s eight-year-old motorcyclist, who dreams of becoming a professional.

If you want to spend the weekend at the event and wish to camp, the organisers have a guarded camping place in Quiñones so you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the motorcycle.

Registration for the event costs €15 per person and can be made by calling 647 112 383 or emailing info@losmentirosos.com.

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