Selling Your Home in Mijas Costa: the complete guide (2023)

selling home Mijas Costa

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So you want to sell your home in Mijas Costa but you find yourself wondering where to begin to look for the necessary and relevant documentation, how to find out what your property is worth and how long it takes to sell a property in Spain?

The Euro Weekly news has written a guide to dispel any potential stress and confusion induced by the selling process. Welcome to our guide on selling your home in Mijas Costa, complete with the most reputable, all-important estate agents to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible.

This guide will explain what’s involved in selling your home in Mijas Costa, how to find out how much your property is worth, how long you can expect the sale to take from start to finish and which documentation you will need – as well as an all-important knowledgable estate agent to assist you on your journey.

The best estate agents in Mijas Costa

Our recommendation

Kaarsberg Estate

When selling your home or purchasing a new property, you need a safe pair of hands. You need an agency with experience that you can trust, in a language that you can understand – that’s why Kaarsberg Estate is our recommendation for selling your home in Mijas Costa.

Kaarsberg Estate is a family-run estate agency with over 15 years of experience in property sales on the Costa del Sol, speaking the Scandinavian languages as well as English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. The team pride themselves on assisting their clients through the entire sale or buying process. From dealing with potential buyers to finding your dream property, from sorting out all of the legalities to making sure the sale goes through, Kaarsberg will carefully guide you through the journey.

With matching the right property to the right buyer at the forefront of everything they do, the team at Kaarsberg Estate take great pride in finding their clients the perfect home that suits their lifestyle and budget from their range of luxury properties, new developments, apartments, villas and fincas.

When selling your home in Mijas Costa, Kaarsberg uses marketing tools such as Google Business and property portals such as Idealista, thinkSpain and Kyero, so that you can be sure your property will make its way in front of the right buyer.

To find out more about how Kaarsberg Estate can help you with the buying or selling process, visit their office located on Calle Buitre 45, Urb, Cerros del Aguila, Mijas Costa 29649.

Telephone: Spain: +34 952 556 560 / Denmark: +45 89 87 07 37


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What is the best way to sell a property in Mijas Costa?

Mijas Costa constitutes the coastal strip of the Mijas municipal district and is located about 10km away from Mijas village. Situated between the bustling towns Fuengirola and Marbella in sunny southern Spain, it makes for a scenic and relaxing place to purchase a second home with entertainment and culture aplenty right on your doorstep.

The town of Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol Occidental is one of Spain’s famously picturesque white-washed villages and Mijas Costa’s stretches of gorgeous golden sand and Mediterranean magnificence make it an equally popular moving destination for many British expats.

Whilst the welcoming attitude and lively lifestyle mean that Mijas Costa basically sells itself – and certainly the active housing market has proven to give an excellent return for those looking for an investment in a second home – like with most things in Spain, it’s useful to have a professional to guide you through the selling process.

From translating documents for you to ensuring that all of your legalities are in order, to helping secure buyers who are happy to complete the transaction, a reputable estate agent is essential to make your property sale a stress-free process from start to finish.

selling home mijas costa
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What is my property worth in Mijas Costa?

Mijas Costa is the most popular place in the municipality of Mijas for expats to live which means that as more and more people get a penchant for palm-tree-lined coasts and hot weather all year round, the housing market here is booming.

They’re quite rare but f you can find a 1 bedroom apartment in Mijas Costa it will cost around €140,000. Much more likely you can buy a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment for €300,000, a townhouse will cost you about €400,000 and the price of a villa will likely start at around €500,000.

Speak to an agent to get an accurate valuation of your property and move your sale forward.

selling home mijas
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How quickly can you sell your property on Mijas Costa?

Spain’s housing market is thriving and many homes are selling faster than they would in the past.

The most time-consuming part can be the paperwork and process, however, once these are sorted you can expect to sell your home within a period of around three to four months depending on the property and how much it’s on the market for. Do leave room for a bit of negotiation.

selling home Mijas Costa
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What do you have to pay when selling a house in Mijas Costa?

1) Plusvalia – sellers have to pay a tax based on the incremental value of the land which the property occupies over the number of years you have been the owner.

2) Community Fees – Make sure your Community Fees are up to date. Usually, you will have to present a Community Certificate to the buyer when signing the Title Deed to prove this.

3) IBI and Utilities – make sure your utility bills are all paid up as these will need to be settled up to the date of sale. You will need to provide the original proof of payment when signing. Sellers have to pay the IBI or council tax for the whole year they are selling.

4) Mortgage Cancellation Fees – Your bank will probably have from a 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent cancellation charge for the balance of your outstanding mortgage.

5) Mortgage Cancellation and Registration Fees at the Notary – In addition to point 4) as the seller, you will have to make sure that your mortgage is cancelled at the Notary and Registry. This may cost anywhere from €600 to €1000 and is an amount that will probably be held by the solicitor to make sure that this is done.

6) Non-Resident Retention 3 per cent – If you are a not a resident of Spain, the buyer of your property will also have to retain 3 per cent of the sales price stated in the “Escritura” (Title Deed) to pay to the Spanish taxman (Hacienda) on your behalf towards your Capital Gains Tax. Fiscal residents do not have any retention made on them, however, they may have to pay tax on the sale the year after when filling in their tax returns.

7) Agents Commission – If you have used an agent to sell your property, you will also have to pay fees to the agent.

8) Legal fees – A good legal office will prepare utility contracts, community charges and “Suma” invoices, speak with the purchaser’s representatives and the Notary, book the Notary appointment and organise all of the related paperwork, go with the seller to the Notary and translate for them, calculate the 3 per cent retention, calculate and advice re Capital Gains Tax and give fiscal representation throughout the selling process.

Selling home mijas costa
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What documents do you need to sell a house in Mijas Costa?

There are lots of documents you need when selling a house in Spain. The best and safest way to make sure that you have everything in order is to leave it to the experts in the form of an experienced real estate agent who can help and offer guidance throughout the whole process.

The main documents you need may include:

  • Preparation of utility contracts, community charge and “Suma” invoices.
  • Liaison throughout the transaction with representatives of the Buyer and Notary.
  • The organisation of the Notary appointment and all paperwork related to the sale.
  • Translation at the Notary.
  • Calculation of 3 per cent retention.
  • Calculation and advice regarding Capital Gains Tax.
  • Fiscal representation throughout the whole process.
  • Calculation of Goodwill and a letter of “Good Standing” with your community fees from the administration of your community.
selling your home mijas costa
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selling home mijas costa

Top tips on preparing your home for the market

Remember, potential buyers are seeking an aspirational lifestyle – somewhere to relax and really enjoy life. It is important to capture buyers’ imaginations from the first time they see the property on the internet to the moment they walk through the door. We have all been to property viewings where we have imagined ourselves living in that home as soon as we step in the door – and the same goes for those properties that we decide we don’t like once we have viewed it in person! So, what are some top tips for preparing your property for the housing market?

  • Give everywhere a quick coat of paint –  nothing says a badly maintained property like peeling paint!
  • Show off your assets! If you have beautiful flooring, show it off by removing any rugs or runners. If you have a stunning fireplace, don’t clutter it with ornaments or picture frames. Let your assets stand out!
  • You are selling a lifestyle – so show it off! Make sure your outdoor space looks immaculate (this is important for the Costa del Sol as so much time is spent outside in the beautiful weather). Make sure all of your plants are watered, the furniture is clean, and put lanterns or lights outside. For marketing photos, staging the garden or dining area is a great idea to suggest an aspirational lifestyle potential buyers can imagine themselves living!
  • Remove clutter. Cut down on your photographs and personal items. Thin out bookshelves and other shelving, particularly top unit shelving as it will give the illusion of higher ceilings.
  • Keep it fresh by placing fragranced diffusers, and candles in the bathroom. Use light, spring scents. Use cling film over plug holes to protect against any stale drain smells which tend to build when the property is empty, it really works! For the marketing photos, remove any cleaning products and only leave high-end cosmetics out on show.
  • It is very difficult to maintain fresh flowers in a property you’re not currently living in. Invest in some good-quality fake flowers such as lilies or white orchids.
  • Avoid strong colours, heavy patterns and fabrics. Keep the decor as simple as possible and try to remove any dark furniture. Freshen the place up with some neutral-coloured cushions or light throws.
  • Mirrors are really great for creating the illusion of space and light. If you have dark areas in any rooms – hang a mirror, not a photo.
  • To avoid white kitchens looking bland, add pots of artificial herbs, and glass jars of coloured pasta or lentils on surfaces. These also photograph well.
  • Finally, make sure you are 100 per cent satisfied with your marketing photos – the crucial first step to getting those viewings!
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