The CBD and legal cannabis market in Europe

The CBD and legal cannabis market in Europe

The CBD market continues its growth, projecting itself towards always optimistic estimates.

The sector is still waiting for essential decisions from Europe, but in the meantime, it continues its run amidst a thousand difficulties and as many expedients.

The lack of national and European regulation weighs heavily in creating the balance between the various subjects that make up the sector. Balances are indispensable for sustainable and lasting growth without forcing or distortion.

At stake is the development of all the industrial hemp supply chains, the health of many consumers and patients, the role Italy can play again, an entire business sector with mind-boggling forecasts and a unique eco-sustainable resource.

Meanwhile, British users can still buy the best CBD buds online and legally enjoy the many CBD benefits.

Legal cannabis and CBD: how has the sector changed in Europe and Italy in recent years?

In Italy, one of the most innovative countries in Europe in terms of CBD business, compared to the rest of Europe, they were precursors with the derogation of law 242 and thanks to the intuition of a company that decided to take the flowers of the hemp Sativa crops to sell them with the definition of technical use.

From there, the sector exploded and companies opened that in part remain leaders in the industry today. It was something revolutionary. Many taboos have fallen on this plant which was considered illegal: it was a plant that was intended to be eradicated from the world, but today it is recognized as an essential resource.

The market began to change when many companies were born in the wake of this news. This was positive on the one hand because it helped to grow the sector. 

Still, on the other hand, many have approached without any entrepreneurial background and this has also negatively affected all operators. Moreover, many new entrepreneurs have thrown themselves on this wave without any intention of investing in improving the quality of the products, but rather by reducing production costs to obtain a lower selling price, obviously to the detriment of the quality of the product then used by many consumers.

They took these changes and these challenges at the end of 2018 as a new opportunity by offering fledgling companies a 360° service for selling inflorescences or extracts with customized packaging. We have thus managed to remain stable in the sector despite the growing crowding, helping to marginalize this downward trend.

In 2019 a new critical phase began. From one day to the next, the Italian market froze. No more orders were arriving. Therefore, two possibilities were created: one was to close and the other to approach the foreign market.

Fortunately, the stalemate in the internal market was also overcome over time, obviously decimated because instead, many decided or found themselves forced to close the business.

In 2020, with the lockdown, the sector experienced a new phase of expansion: many people with a lot of free time at home became interested in hemp products and new consumers.

In addition, many consumers of marijuana, left without the possibility of going out to buy the illegal product, turned to the online cannabis light stores appreciating what was initially a surrogate but which remained in their consumption habits.

For marijuana users of a certain age or who are not looking for a “high”, CBD represents an excellent compromise: the hints and taste of light cannabis are very reminiscent of marijuana but without the doping effect that it can have on many users a negative impact while maintaining a relaxing and satisfying aspect.

How should the CBD market in Europe evolve for the better?

The most important thing we focus our efforts on and perhaps separate us from many operators in the sector is to work seriously, rigorously, to give excellent customer service. 

It is the only way to have lasting success. The best thing for the CBD market in Europe is that the realities that work seriously in the future are filtered out and companies that do not respect high quality and professional standards remain out.

What could be the way out in the future for the CBD market?

Only politics can answer. We consider that if a product is sold to be smoked, it is clear that the only category in which it can be placed is that of the inhaled product.

Not surprisingly, those who have regulated this product, that is, Belgium and Switzerland, have classified it as an inhalation product. The point is another, how to frame it: in the same way as a tobacco cut, in which case the margins for farmers would be reduced, or to place not only the chopped but also the quality flower in a free market supply chain.

The question is not whether or not to go in the direction of the inhaled product but rather how to proceed in this framework.

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