Trailblazing Fuengirola venue meets its sustainability goals for 2022

Local council and Marenostrum staff celebrate the venue meeting sustainability goals.

A popular music venue in Fuengirola announced that it has met sustainability goals for 2022 on September 27.

Marenostrum is a concert venue which aims to be sustainable and reduce its impact on the environment. Local councillor for culture, Rodrigo Romero, explained “Marenostrum has taken on a plan to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in 2022 to reduce the carbon footprint of large music events”.

The venue announced the installation of a power generator which has been developed in conjunction with energy company, Dimsport and BeGas. The generator runs on diesel and LPG and will reduce the carbon footprint of the venue, allowing it to become the first sustainable venue of its kind in the area.

Marenostrum has many sustainable facilities including waste management with a compactor and storage facilities, recycled building materials, electric shuttle vehicles for concertgoers, and a recycling campaign ‘The sea starts here’, reflecting on the venue’s proximity to the sea.

The venue is also an equal opportunities employer in which women currently occupy more management positions than men. It also works with Afuendis to employ people at risk of social exclusion.