‘Listen to your heart’ says EU on World Heart Day

The European Health Union had a special message on World Heart Day

World Heart Day takes place every year on September 29, putting the spotlight on heart conditions which are currently the leading cause of death in the EU and in many countries globally. This year the EU is marking the day by telling residents to ‘Listen to your heart’.

The EU’s Health Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides spoke this week to raise awareness about cardiovascular conditions and the importance of good heart health. She called heart conditions “one of the greatest health challenges of our time”, saying that 6 million more cases are diagnosed each year, with 1.8 million yearly deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

Kyriakides highlighted the importance of heart health in the context of the pandemic saying that cardiovascular illnesses increased people’s chances of dying of COVID-19. She encouraged people to take care of their heart health in their daily lives to avoid increased risk of other conditions.

Heart health is a crucial part of the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan and the body regularly conducts research into cardiovascular conditions.


    • CCW60

      30 September 2022 • 01:07

      More people may be dying from heart attacks or cardiac arrest and maybe now is a good time to be honest about WHY. ESPECIALLY when young, healthy people are dropping dead on a daily basis! Let’s have a real honest conversation about how the death jabs that rolled out almost 2 years ago are to blame for this sudden increase in heart issues and deaths!

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