Marbella moments with Nicole King: What goes around

Marbella moments with Nicole King: What goes around

Marbella moments with Nicole King: What goes around

I think many of us miss opportunities that are right in front of our faces simply because we don’t take the time to actually get to know the person we’re with, too preoccupied with making useful contacts.

Just a few weeks ago I was introducing my guests to each other and one of them, who is a very nice person and does a very worthy job, wasn’t that interested to chat or get to know the others; until I added that they were members of the press.  Suddenly a huge smile crossed her face and she started to say how delighted she was to meet them and explain why.  This made me sad, the only thing genuine in that moment was the passion behind the cause, but no interest obviously in the person, just how useful they had become.

Undeniably the press are there to help with communication but in my experience, it’s often the people one least expects that are actually in a position to help us and if we sincerely show interest in others even if not apparently “useful”, we might just open many more doors and not leave people feeling cajoled or expendable.

It’s truly surprising what one can glean from the everyday folk that make up the backbone of our city; whether it is an electrician, cleaner, dignitary, Consul or the press, the different perspectives can be fascinating and insightful and you just never know where the relationship may lead.

In a city that thrives on networking we need to be careful not to become too anxious or zealous when pushing one’s own objectives and try to be more reciprocal; not in a quid pro quo way, but with authentic and unpretentious intent to support others whilst also helping oneself.

Joining groups with those of similar interests is also a great way to thrive on the coast, personally and professionally; as long as they follow the aforementioned basic guidelines.  Ali Meehan’s Costa Women group is celebrating 12 years of unity, guidance and friendship for the women of our community and the Costa Press Club it’s 20th year!   Both groups are great examples that networking is more effective when you’re amongst friends, not contacts.

Even if we all do the same “job” we do so in our own unique style; we don’t need to compete, rather lay down our angst and genuinely wish the best for others, as we would want for ourselves.  Letting relationships flow rather than forcing the ones we feel can benefit us is a far worthier and more satisfying approach, particularly if we want to be successful and happy: what goes around does come around. 

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Nicole King

One of Marbella's most glamorous residents, Nicole King offers a taste of the best of what's going on in the Costa del Sol.