Metaverse is the Future: How far has Crypto evolved from Bitcoin (BTC) to Dogeliens (DOGET)

Metaverse is the Future: How far has Crypto evolved from Bitcoin (BTC) to Dogeliens (DOGET)

The crypto market began in 2009 with the release of Bitcoin (BTC), the very first cryptocurrency. However, things move quickly when it comes to the crypto world and since then, there are various new types of cryptocurrencies. Now, in 2022, the crypto market is made up of multiple sectors including DeFi (decentralised finance), meme coins, the Metaverse, and so on. But, back when Bitcoin was created, there was nothing.

This goes to show how much the market has grown and developed over the years. Recently, the Metaverse has become the new big thing in society and crypto plays a big part in this. So, let’s compare how Bitcoin has influenced and helped the market evolve, especially with the new crypto Dogeliens (DOGET) on the rise.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin has been a big influence on upcoming crypto projects. Starting off the crypto market and proving how successful crypto can be, Bitcoin has opened up a new way of finance for individuals globally. 


When Bitcoin was introduced, it provided individuals with a new way to gain financial freedom. With crypto comes decentralisation, allowing users to transfer and use their funds without needing permission or being governed by a third party such as a bank. Furthermore, individuals do not need to reveal their identity to any government-controlled facilities and are given full control over their money.

In 2009, when BTC launched, there was a lot of uncertainty and risk that came with the idea of having no third-party participation in your funds. Many questioned the safety and security that came with this. However, over a decade later, crypto has millions of users worldwide and individuals are keener on the idea of decentralised finance more than ever.

Whilst the start of Bitcoin was slow, it soon did blow up and is now the biggest cryptocurrency to exist. Influencing new crypto projects to join the market and create new opportunities for users, it seems to be that crypto is the future.

Dogeliens (DOGET)

Dogeliens is a new cryptocurrency that is set to enter the market soon. It is currently in presale and aims to become the new crypto to help shape the future of finance.

Although Dogeliens is primarily a meme coin, it focuses heavily on the importance of DeFi as well as the Metaverse. These two things seem to be the way that society is heading right now. Dogeliens ensures to have a decentralised platform to ensure that users can safely and securely make purchases and transactions both anonymously, and freely. By giving individuals this control, more users will see the benefits of owning and controlling their own funds.


Furthermore, Dogeliens focuses on the Metaverse. According to their whitepaper, Dogeliens claims to bring their tools to the Metaverse to help educate the world. It is predicted that over the next decade, the global adoption of crypto will significantly expand. Therefore, the Dogeliens Academy will help educate individuals about crypto through a structured and well-presented online virtual classroom.

Dogeliens has a strong plan to help users embrace crypto and has the power to do so. Appealing to users with different desires, Dogeliens provides an insight into what the future of finance and crypto can be.

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