An essential guide on selling your home in El Campello (2023)

Everything you need to know about buying a house in Spain

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So, you are wanting to sell your home or property in El Campello but you find yourself wondering where to begin with the necessary and relevant documentation, how to find out what your property is worth and how long will it take to sell in El Campello?

That’s why the Euro Weekly news has created this guide to selling your home in El Campello, complete with advice on how to market your property, as well as recommending the best estate agent to use on the Costa Blanca. 

This guide will explain what is involved in selling your home in El Campello, how to find out how much your property is worth, how long you can expect the sale to take from start to finish, and all documentation necessary to get your property sold. We’ll also point you to the best place for the help of a recommended expert and experienced estate agent.

How much is my property worth in El Campello? 

The charm of El Campello is still visible and unchanged through its 14-mile-long white sandy beach, a busy marina, and fish market. It is only 19 miles from Benidorm and still maintains the calm and relaxed atmosphere of a traditional seaside town, so it´s no surprise that property in El Campello is sought after. 

Only a 20-minute tram ride from Alicante city centre, El Campello is becoming increasingly popular as a place to buy property in the Costa Blanca due to its picturesque views of the beautiful Mediterranean seas and beaches, the landscape of the rolling mountains and amenities all in one place. 

The price for property in El Campello varies and depends on what type of property you want and what type of property you have. A 2bedroom apartment in El Campello can go from between €95,000 to €430,000. While a villa or townhouse can go from €124,000 to €3,800,000 – obviously depending on size. 

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The best estate agents in El Campello

Our recommendation

RuralCoast Properties SL

RuralCoast are looking for more properties in El Campello after a seriously successful year selling detached villas, semi-detached homes and apartments in different areas of the town and surrounding towns.

The RuralCoast international team offers a professional and personalised service in 8 different languages. This is really important when selling property in El Campello and the surrounding towns and countryside as these areas attract a lot of foreign buyers.RuralCoast uses a diverse range of advertising methods including all the top-performing property portals both in Spain and overseas, direct marketing through their network of partner agencies, radio adverts and social media campaigns.

Indeed, you have probably come across them already from their radio ad campaigns and billboards. Indeed, they are the only Estate Agent with 5 billboards within a 7km radius of El Campello including one on the round-about of the Repsol petrol station on the N332 as you arrive in El Campello.

From a quick glance at the RuralCoast website, you can immediately see how they take the presentation of their properties very seriously. Using professional photography equipment they ensure that each room is captured and transmitted with as much accuracy as possible so that potential buyers can get a true picture of what the property is like prior to viewing.

They also produce high-quality, walk-through videos that help buyers to understand the lay-out and they couple this with drone video and photography so that every angle of the property is presented. This attention to detail is essential for attracting the right buyer to your property and helps your property to stand out from the crowd.

Through the downloadable app and Whatsapp group communications, the RuralCoast team keeps their clients up-to-date with what is going on. You also have access to a historic record of all the feedback that your property has received after each viewing.

You can call the RuralCoast team to book a valuation and learn more about how to sell your property in El Campello and the surrounding towns:

Website: Click here

Telephone: +34 965 063 315



How long does it take for a property to sell in El Campello? 

The Spanish property market is booming with prices continuing to go up steadily, the market is forecast to be getting even better in 2023. With the tourism industry also flourishing and Spanish tourism numbers going through the roof, now over pre-pandemic levels, Spain is getting its fiesta back and this is the perfect time to sell!

During the pandemic, many people invested in their homes to create a better and more enjoyable environment to live in – not only improving their own quality of life but also improving the price of their property at the same time.

The most time-consuming part of the selling journey can be the legal paperwork, however, once this is all done and dusted and you’ve signed on the dotted line, you will sell your property in no time. Of course, it’s always advisable to leave a bit of room for negotiation.

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Popular areas to sell your property in El Campello

El Campello remains a lively Spanish village, even in winter. The range of shops is extensive and is concentrated around Avenida de la Generalidad and Calle San Bartolome. In their spare time, many residents get a breath of fresh air on the beach and promenade of El Campello.

The coastline of El Campello can be divided into three residential areas, each with different types of buildings. El Campello towards Alicante boasts high-rise buildings and apartments for holiday homes. This area attracts many foreign buyers.

If you go north from the centre of El Campello, towards Benidorm, you will find a beautiful, hilly coastal area. The most popular residential areas here are La Coveta Fuma, Cala D’Or, la Merced and Venta Lanuza. The properties are mainly detached villas with spacious plots and prices vary widely depending on the views and the quality of the property.

In the old town centre of El Campello, you will find typical Spanish low-rise buildings. From the old town centre towards the boulevard and the beach at the centre of El Campello, the buildings are varied and include apartments, semi-detached houses and detached villas. The construction of tall residential buildings is no longer permitted on the first line of the boulevard, making it a very attractive area.

Property sales on the Costa Blanca are currently booming, meaning selling your home in El Campello proves to be an excellent return on investment – and the best people to help you with this is a trusted and honest estate agent in the area.

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What do you have to pay when selling a property in El Campello? 

Agents Commission – If you have used an agent to sell your property, you will also have to pay fees to the agent.  

Mortgage Cancellation and Registration Fees at the Notary – As the seller, you will have to make sure that your mortgage is cancelled at the Notary and Registry. This may cost anywhere from €600 to €1000 and is an amount that will probably be held by the solicitor to make sure that this is done.  

Plusvalia – sellers have to pay a tax based on the incremental value of the land which the property occupies over the number of years you have been the owner.  

Non-Resident Retention 3 per cent – If you are not a resident of Spain, the buyer of your property will also have to retain 3 per cent of the sales price stated in the “Escritura” (Title Deed) to pay to the Spanish taxman (Hacienda) on your behalf towards your Capital Gains Tax. Fiscal residents do not have any retention made on them, however, they may have to pay tax on the sale the year after when filling in their tax returns.  

Legal fees – A good legal office will prepare utility contracts, community charges and “Suma” invoices, speak with the purchaser’s representatives and the Notary, book the Notary appointment and organise all of the related paperwork, go with the seller to the Notary and translate for them, calculate the 3 per cent retention, calculate and advice re Capital Gains Tax and give fiscal representation throughout the selling process.  

Mortgage Cancellation Fees – Your bank will probably have a 0.5 per cent to 1 per cent cancellation charge for the balance of your outstanding mortgage.  

IBI and Utilities – make sure your utility bills are all paid up as these will need to be settled up to the date of sale. You will need to provide the original proof of payment when signing. Sellers have to pay the IBI or council tax for the whole year they are selling.  

Community Fees – Make sure your Community Fees are up to date. Usually, you will have to present a Community Certificate to the buyer when signing the Title Deed to prove this.  

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What do you need to sell a house in El Campello?

Your Gestor is an invaluable member of your “team” when it comes to selling your property in Spain. They will help you with a number of tasks including:

  • Calculation of 3 per cent retention.
  • Fiscal representation throughout the whole process.
  • The organisation of the Notary appointment and all paperwork related to the sale.
  • Translation at the Notary.
  • Handling the Mortgage Cancellation Deeds of the property.
  • Calculation of Goodwill and a letter of “Good Standing” with your community fees from the administration of your community.
  • Calculation and advice regarding Capital Gains Tax.
  • Liaison throughout the transaction with representatives of the Buyer and Notary.
  • Your passport and NIE number.
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Top tips on preparing your home for the market

Remember, potential buyers are seeking a new place to live in potentially a new country, or area – or it could be a first-time buy! Show them what attracted you to Spain or why you loved the property so much when you first stepped through its doors.

All properties come with potential, ensure that you are adding to the property and not taking away from it. When a prospective buyer walks in, they should feel wowed and begin to consider how they will design the property, where their furniture will be placed, how they will present the outdoor areas and how this new chapter of their life will look!

So, here are a few top tips for preparing your home or property for the housing market

  • Paint, A quick coat of paint done properly livens up a space and gives a clean and fresh impression. Something essential when selling your home and to ensure you get the price you want! 
  • Put the focus on the features of your home, for example, if you have beams, stain them and give them a new lease of life. A fireplace is a focal point in any room, let it do the talking and lightly decorate it or leave it with just a bunch of flowers or candles on the mantel. Let the viewer come in and envision their own items placed on top.  
  • You’re not only selling your home but a way of life, make the viewer see the vision you did and sometimes the best way to do that is through decluttering. Get rid of the old rugs and runners and let your floors relish in delight at the freedom of being seen.  
  • Books are amazing but not if they are dusty! Be sure to wipe them down and put them in the correct order, having different-sized books, not in height order gives an unorderly messy type of style which would not be appealing to a new buyer. Uniformity is also more aesthetically pleasing. With bookshelves try your best to thin them out if you can. Create the illusion of more space not less, especially at the top of bookshelves, by leaving it empty by looking up you believe that the ceilings are higher than they are.  
  • Terrace, balcony or outdoor space in, general should be kept in pristine condition, a stunning view looking out to the rolling mountains or the sparkling Mediterranean Sea is always better if you have a well-looked-after, comfy place to look at it all from. 
  • Plants and greenery are beautiful to look at and experience, ensure that you are watering your plants! And get rid of any old dead ones. If you aren’t a natural green thumb, there are plenty of places to buy cheap and affordable ‘fake’ plants that do just as good of a job. This can also be taken into consideration for indoor plants and in the learn term more affordable. 
  • Fairy lights are magical like their name for a reason, adding fairy lights or lanterns to an area makes the space cosier to the viewer and allows them to envision themselves spending a nice afternoon on the balcony or terrace watching the world go by. Especially great for marketing photos 
  • Keep the home smelling fresh! Use incense, diffusers, sprays and candles to help create a delightful aroma in your home. People relate smells to memories and let the viewer of your home relate yours to a good memory, not a bad one.  
  • Top tip! – Use cling film over plug holes to protect against any stale drain smells which tend to build when the property is empty. 
  • For marketing photos ensure any cleaning products or equipment is put away! You want the viewers to think of your home as an aesthetic new possibility and chapter in their life, not a free Don Limpio advert.  
  • Nudes are in! Avoid using strong colours if you can and it is chicer to use neutral tones in the home rather than bold or strong patterns with today’s typical aesthetics. It is also very easily done with the use of throws and light pillows in different areas of your home.  
  • Mirrors are essential the bigger the better, they trick the eye into thinking there is more space and light in the room, especially great in dark rooms where more light is necessary! 
  • Give your kitchen a lease of new life with aesthetically pleasing racks, dividers or jars to keep your belongings looking clean and tidy. The likes of Khloe Kardashian are known for their pristine pantries that look great on social media and marketing photos, effective yet simple.
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