World Cup wellness: Stay healthy by trying these top health tips from World Cup stars

England captain, Harry Kane loves a game of golf to disconnect and clear his mind

World Cup fever is officially here as the matches kicked off in Qatar last Sunday. And if you want to feel even more involved with the tournament, keep reading! Here we share some health tips and tricks that World Cup stars swear by!

Enjoy your hobbies

England star Phil Foden loves to fish during his downtime, while Harry Kane and Wales captain Gareth Bale enjoy a game of golf. Nutritionist, Jess Hilliard agrees “They can combat stress and anxiety and improve concentration and patience”.

Eat vitamin-rich foods

Argentinian legend Lionel Messi and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo both love seaweed. Seaweed has the nutritional stamp of approval, as a vitamin, mineral, and protein-rich food which also contains vital antioxidants and iodine which maintains a healthy metabolism.

Keep your mind sharp

England defender, Trent Alexander-Arnold swears by activities including advanced augmented reality games and chess to improve reactions, memory and depth perception. Talking about chess he said “It’s similar to football, all about strategy, tactics and different ways of playing”.

Take a power nap

England legend Eric Dier says that napping gives him an edge, “I love napping straight after training. It makes me feel better for the rest of the day”. A quick power nap improves alertness, memory and performance, for footballers and the rest of us!