Enjin Token and Cardano: Good crypto models for Dogeliens Metaverse Project

Enjin Token and Cardano: Good crypto models for Dogeliens Metaverse Project

Dogeliens, with its token DOGET, is a new dog-themed cryptocurrency. This metaverse-based meme coin offers users attractive gaming features. The platform also provides educational tools to its users.

Dogeliens operates on the sophisticated Binance Smart Chain network. $DOGET is adopted as its native token. This project is taking a front-line position due to its tempting offers and varied approach to cryptocurrency. For example, it has several unique Play-to- Earn (P2E) gaming features.

Dogeliens: Flexible features and avenues to earn rewards

Users will have a lot of fun on Puptopia planet, Dogeliens’ unique ecosystem. The project will inject flexible modes of gameplay sessions with mouth-watering incentives.

The Battle Zone gaming mode will be available in the ecosystem. Users can play this mode as a single-player. It also allows two or more friends to compete in a virtual world called the battle arena.

Interestingly, this comes with rewards. Besides experiencing thrilling fun, a gamer earns $DOGET for winning. Also, by using the hashtag Dogeliens, gamers can receive more rewards for sharing their victory on social media


The Puptopia planet will introduce the Dogeliens World. This hub will offer fun for users who are not fascinated by battles. The project will provide engaging activities. Interaction with the Dogeliens World will offer fun.

The ecosystem will provide users with Walkies Time. This initiative provides users another avenue to earn rewards from NFTs.

A user takes his Dogelien for a casual walk. He collects virtual flowers. Fashion and accessories will be created from these flowers. A user can sell these to embellish their pups on the NFT market.

How to Participate in the P2E Game

Anybody can take part in the game. A gamer has to visit the Dogeliens NFT marketplace. Here, he will have to buy assets to customise his Dogeliens. This allows a gamer to customise the avatar to fit their taste or style.

Dogeliens vs. Cardano

Cardano operates as a decentralised application (dApp) development platform. It also facilitates smart contracts. This enables the creation of crypto projects, games, and many more.

Cardano runs on a unique Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Ourobos consensus mechanism. Users utilize its native token, ADA, for a host of transactions in its ecosystem. Charles Hoskinson, Ethereum’s co-founder, developed Cardano. This decentralised protocol was launched to address specific failings noticeable in some cryptocurrencies.

Remarkably, Cardano soars in prominence for addressing scalability issues, heavy energy consumption, rigid interoperability, and sustainability.

With these legendary achievements, Cardano poses stiff competition to other cryptocurrencies. It even dubs itself as a better version of Ethereum. However, this may be debatable considering the recent upgrade of Ethereum.

Cardano is a mainstream cryptocurrency. Dogeliens can draw inspiration from this top-tier project. It is just a matter of time until Dogeliens will soar as Cardano does. Its ecosystem will incorporate flexible and innovative features.

Dogeliens vs. Enjin Token

Enjin is also a prominent cryptocurrency. The platform facilitates smart contracts. In this way, developers and gamers will be able to utilize the vast potential that GameFi offers. Enjin is noted for its significant growth in the crypto space. It has a robust gaming community with over 20 million registered users!

Therefore, Enjin Token can be a good model for projects exploring the gaming sector like Dogeliens. Dogeliens will benefit maximally by leveraging the massive achievements of Enjin Token.

How to Buy Dogeliens Token

Dogeliens is ‘barking’ out fascinating incentives for all game enthusiasts. You can take a step to enjoy these offers by visiting the presale website.

Choose any of these cryptocurrencies to initiate the purchase: ETH, BNB, BSC, USDT, etc. However, adopting BNB offers a user a chance of earning as high as +22% for a start.

Additionally, the presale window comes with a referral bonus to all involved. For instance, a participant earns $250 worth of $DOGET when he deposits his assets. A bonus of $50 for a participant and his referrer after the deposit.

Conclusion: DOGET to take the market by storm?

Dogeliens will be the next dog-themed meme coin to revolutionize crypto. It will offer charity endeavors, maximum fun, and passive income for crypto enthusiasts. The dog is ready to bark. Be ready to follow!


For all things Dogeliens (DOGET), Follow the links below:

Presale: https://buy.dogeliens.io/

Website: https://dogeliens.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/DogeliensOfficial


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