Top Altcoins of the week: Stellar (XLM), Toncoin (TON), BudBlockz (BLUNT)

It is easy to see that today, the meaning of altcoin has considerably changed from when they were introduced to the crypto market. Altcoins existed when only 2-3 digital currencies were available in the marketplace; we’re talking more than a decade ago. Anything that wasn’t Bitcoin was labelled as an altcoin.

Today, things have drastically changed. The crypto universe is expanding with new NFT and cryptocurrency projects, and investors have the choice to pump money into a diverse portfolio of altcoins. Moreover, current and more popular altcoins bring much more to the table regarding their use cases and functionalities, which means they can be more valuable, but not directly a competition to Bitcoin.

In light of this, we’re going to talk about one of the fastest-growing and most popular altcoins speculated about changing the cannabis industry – BudBlockz. Read about why you should consider owning $BLUNT and diversify your crypto portfolio with this week’s top altcoins, such as Stellar and Toncoin. 

What is Stellar (XLM)?

If you wish to invest in a digital coin that provides a flurry of excellent use cases, go for Stellar (XLM). The company is a distributed payments protocol that functions via Stellar Lumens. Stellar was developed as a cutting-edge tool to help make blockchain payments and transactions faster and more interoperable. Using XLM, you can quickly send money to any part of the world more affordably, irrespective of the currency. Stellar aims to make massive optimizations to conventional financial systems. 

What Is Toncoin (TON)?

Toncoin is a DeFi blockchain layer that formerly went with the name Gram. Users can utilse TON (Toncoin’s native crypto) to conduct various transactions, pay transaction fees, validate different transactions, or simply settle transactions. Toncoin offers a state-of-the-art and highly secured PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus protocol. The company has launched a user-friendly app to start buying and selling cryptos quickly. 

How BudBlockz is surpassing some of the most beloved coins in the Blockchain Ecosystem

BudBlockz is currently changing the world of cannabis crypto. The platform is set to bring marijuana users and CBD companies ever closer, allowing people and organizations from around the globe to seamlessly, securely, and privately buy and sell CBD products.

You can think of BudBlockz as an everlasting bridge that will connect you with legal marijuana markets across the world, even in the parts where CBD isn’t entirely legal. BudBlockz provides a powerful, DeFi e-commerce platform, allowing you to buy products 24/7 using the company’s native crypto, $BLUNT.

In addition, BudBlockz will also be opening its legal marijuana plantations and dispensaries that $BLUNT owners can be a part of. However, one of the main attractors to BudBlockz is their creative NFT collection, Ganja Guruz, which comes with very high utilisation.

For example, as a BudBlockz NFT holder, you will be given a flurry of exclusive membership perks, allowing you to access unique CBD markets throughout the globe. Even more interesting is that Ganja Guruz owners will also be eligible to become fractional owners in various cannabis companies and manufacturers on the BudBlockz network.

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: 

Presale Registration::

BudBlockz Community Links:


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