Seasonal supplements: Boost your intake of Vitamin D

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VITAMIN D is so readily available during the summer in Spain that many of us forget that we need to maintain our supply throughout the year. In fact, one report found that Vitamin D levels are higher among people in Nordic countries than Spain, because supplements are more popular during the winter.

What does Vitamin D do?

Vitamin D is a nutrient which our bodies need to absorb and maintain calcium and phosphate levels, which are vital for bone health. Vitamin D also performs an important role in reducing inflammation and could even slow growth of cancer cells.

How can I boost Vitamin D naturally?

Vitamin D can be difficult to boost naturally since it doesn’t naturally occur in many foods. Some foods contain small amounts of this nutrient including cod liver oil, salmon, and mackerel as well as certain foods which are fortified with Vitamin D including orange juice and milk. Vitamin D naturally occurs in the sun’s rays which is the easiest way to get your quota during the summer.

What about a supplement?

Health experts recommend taking supplements to boost Vitamin D levels as it can be difficult to absorb naturally. A daily supplement or multivitamin containing up to 600 IU (international units) is the recommended dosage for people aged one year to 70.