Travelling over Christmas: How to pack smart

Travelling over Christmas: How to pack smart

THE holiday period is upon us, and what better time to travel to be with family or friends. But Christmas can be tricky to pack for, as bulky jumpers, Christmas presents and big coats seem to become mountains in your suitcase. But all is not lost! There are still some packing tips and tricks that can save you space and time.

First things first, make a packing list. This can seem tedious, but it can help to prevent any last minute stress later on. Think about your destination and how long you are staying to avoid bringing too much!

Secondly, roll your clothes. It might seem more logical to fold your clothes, but rolling can reduce their size for t-shirts, trousers, skirts and light jumpers. However, for bigger jumpers and delicate items, folding is a better option.

Dress smart. If you have to take a flight to your Christmas destination, it could be useful to wear your heaviest coat instead of trying to squeeze it into a suitcase.

Choose Christmas presents wisely. If you have to travel, consider giving your loved ones tickets for a show, vouchers or ordering your gifts directly to your destination to avoid having to carry too many things.