Restaurant royalty: This is Spanish Queen Letizia’s favourite restaurant

One of Queen Letizia’s favourite chefs has a restaurant in Madrid where you can try her favourite dishes

HAVE you ever wondered where Spain’s royal family eats out? On Friday, December 30, a Spanish food site revealed the identity of Queen Letizia’s personal chef, and where you too can taste his creations.

The Spanish Queen is known for her youthful appearance which she credits to her healthy lifestyle. These healthy habits include eating only organic products and a zero alcohol and coffee rule, with Ramón Freixa’s sophisticated dishes meeting her strict standards.

The internationally-acclaimed chef has his own restaurant based in the prestigious Hotel Único in Madrid. And it’s not just the hotel which is known for its luxury experiences, Freixa’s restaurant has also been awarded two Michelin stars and three Repsol sun points.

The restaurant is described as “The perfect balance between tradition and modernity, with its unique wine pairings taking centre-stage”.

Guests who want to sample a slice of Queen Letizia’s regal lifestyle can try Freixa’s ‘Discovery’ menu for €160 or ‘Universal’ menu for a cool €200 at the exclusive Madrid hotel.

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