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Woke or not

I was shocked by the recent article ‘The norm’ by Leapy Lee. (22-28 December 2022)

Leapy is definitely an old ‘lad’ of the 60s or more like the dark ages.

He compared old drag queens to today’s transsexuals.

No facts, just silly right-wing hysteria about gender neutral toilets.

How more outdated, out of touch and offensive could old Leapy be?

It sticks in his craw that minorities are allowed to shout their beliefs from the rooftops.

I’m surprised he didn’t use the old phrase about it being rammed down his throat!

I will shout loud and proud from the rooftops for equality, diversity, fairness and compassion. And if that’s being woke then I’m proud to be woke.

Leapy is absolutely not the norm, he’s from the dark old past.

Darren Bradshaw

(Torreblanca, Fuengirola)

Woke or not, everybody has a voice.

Christmas specials

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed the Christmas articles in the paper over the last few weeks. I am of a certain age, and being the biggest Christmas fan, thought that there is very little that I didn’t know about Christmas, and was fascinated reading about the meaning behind certain songs and traditions. Well done.

Joy Lovall

Pick it up

Fed up now of seeing dog muck on the street. If you are going to have a dog please be responsible and pick up their mess, it is not the street cleaners or anybody else´s job to do this.

B Simpson

Keep on doing

Leapy, I love reading your column, it really does make me smile, not just because you say what other people are thinking, but you stand by your thoughts, never apologetic, which takes a real strong character. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t mind the woke generation.

Brian James, Marbella

Total shambles

We will still be unravelling from the Brexit referendum in 10 years time. Ok it may in the long run make good on some of the promises made during the Brexit campaign, but on the whole it will only cause misery. I live in Spain and like thousands of expats who have recently moved abroad or are thinking about moving abroad it has caused nothing but heartache and headaches and for some destroyed long held hopes and dreams of living outside of the UK. Complications with driving licences, residencia applications, visas etc is not the problem of the host country they are simply following the EU rules for non EU citizens, blame the politicians and the UK population that voted for it the first place. Total shambles from the start.

G Barry

New junction numbers

I read your article shifting gears about the new road numbers, and I have to agree that this is so confusing. I understand about them being replaced due to duplication but the hassle that face many landlords and businesses having to explain the new junction numbers to holidaymakers and consumers alike. Sometimes a small problem for the few can become a bigger problem for many.

Cathy Moore


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