These are the best pet choices for retired people in Spain

Bichón frisé dogs are the ideal pet for retirees who want some gentle exercise and a loving companion.

RETIREMENT is an exciting stage in life, and some of us enjoy some companionship with our extra free time! A pet can be the perfect friend to make some new memories with, but how can you choose the perfect pet? Today we’re sharing a list of pets that are ideal for retired people.

Bichón frisé

These affectionate dogs are well-known for their tranquil and obedient nature. Their charm and beauty mean you won’t have a shortage of admirers on walks and their plush coat makes for great hugs. Their small size also makes them perfect dogs for urban living.


The late Queen Elizabeth’s favoured breed of dog, corgis make the perfect pet for retired people. Strong, athletic, and full of beans, corgis need lots of exercise which means plenty of walks, which is perfect if you’re planning for an active retirement.

Persian cat

These majestic cats are elegant to look at and their sweet nature means they make the perfect companion for retirees who plan to spend time around the house. These cats love to sprawl out in a sun-kissed spot and gentle affection.

Fabulous fish

If you are after a lower-maintenance pet, fish are an excellent choice. Their vibrant colours and fascinating movement also makes them an enchanting and calming pet.