Colombia resumes peace talks

The Colombian government and ELN guerrillas have started to talk again about peace in Venezuela. The objective is to negotiate an end to the ELN group’s 60-year insurgency. Both parties have released a joint statement in which they vowed to build peace based on democracy and justice within the proposed changes. They are looking for effective social participation, prioritising historically marginalised sectors.

Previous talks

Peace talks started back in 1975. The current peace talks began with former President Juan Manuel Santos in 2017 after negotiating for three years in secret with the rebels. Following Operation Anori in 1973, the ELN reached out to President Alfonso Lopez to end the insurgency. One of the government’s efforts was to cease military operations in Barrancabermeja to facilitate the demobilisation of 200 guerrillas. According to ELN, the Armed Forces never stopped attacking guerrillas in this region.

Social Component

Social organisations are involved with the peace talks and will help draft a peace deal in December 2022, confirmed by the Colombian government and ELN representatives. This involvement has been a guerrilla demand since 2017 when formal talks started with Juan Manuel Santos’ government.


Pablo Beltrán is the ELN negotiator and has confirmed that the guerrillas don’t want to be involved in politics. They are not requesting seats in Congress. Still, they want these talks to result in legislation or constitutional amendments to prevent future government leaders from going against the agreements. This specific demand became significant in 2016 when the peace deal with FARC required political concessions. Back then, President Iván Duque resisted this request.


The current administration of Gustavo Petro has been a supporter of the peace deal with the FARC, and they would seek peace with the ELN. It was a promise during the election campaign, and they have started to take the first steps to reach an agreement. If this time is successful, the negotiators could end an armed conflict that began in 1964. In addition, it will liberate Colombia’s rural population from guerrilla rule. Colombia is embarking on a path of peace and starting a new phase as one of the most relevant Latin American countries.

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