Benefits of Virtual Try-On Glasses for Brands

Technology has made a huge leap over the last few years. And of course, the sphere of online shopping didn’t stand aside. Augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and other innovations have brought shopping on the internet on par with the physical shopping experience.

Now, people have a chance to feel the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar store from the comfort of their couches. This is mostly possible due to the virtual try-on tools which mix digital content with the real-world environment, enabling customers to try on any product they like. With this technology, you can see whether these jeans, lipstick, or hat will suit your general looks. But today, let’s discuss the virtual glasses try-on, which is paving the new way of shopping for glasses.

Virtual Try-On Glasses: What It Is Like

From a business perspective, virtual try-on glasses should offer precise face tracking and mapping, realistic representation, and the possibility to digitise physical products. Ideally, it should also identify various face shapes to give personal recommendations on the best types of frames that will suit the person. Plus, it should be real-time, with no need to capture a video or upload a photo.

From the customers’ perspective, it should be entertaining, easy to understand, and accurate. Your buyers will be happy if you deliver this unique experience to them in a filigree and user-friendly manner. In addition, giving your clients the possibility to share their virtual try-on photos with friends to get to know what they think is also a great idea.

If you have got interested and want to use this white-hot technology for your company in the best possible way, consider using Banuba’s Glasses Virtual Try-On. This is one of the best tools for driving your sales. It will endow your app with life-like product looks, a marvellous try-before-you-buy experience, and accurate time fitting. It is compatible with all platforms. However, the minimum operating system versions are iOS 10 and Android 6. Also, it is recommended to have a 1280×720 camera. In this case, your users will not only have realistic looks of your products, but also will see their motion, gravity, and lighting.

Benefits of Virtual Try-On Glasses for Brands

  1. Customers are more sure about their purchasing choices

An excellent try-before-you-buy experience will increase customers’ confidence in your product. It is particularly important when it comes to glasses, as they may look perfect in the catalog but be ridiculous on a person’s face. But with virtual try-on, people can visualise and understand whether this pair of glasses is worth buying.

  1. Boost customer engagement

Even if a person gets onto your website or downloads your app out of interest, they are likely to spend more time there if you offer the virtual try-on technology. The reason is that it is engaging and funny and allows the person to relax and forget about their problems for some time. Finally, after a person plays enough with your try-on tool, the chances that they will decide to buy something become much higher.

  1. Reduced returns

Customers may hesitate to buy glasses online, as they are unsure if it suits them. This way, the use of virtual try-on will significantly reduce the number of returns because of the glasses’ size, looks, form, or colour.

  1. The possibility to reach a wider audience

Even if you have one physical store in Florida, you can still attract and cover customers from other states and even countries. This is another way how virtual try-on tools may help brands extend their customer base and boost sales.

Benefits of Virtual Try-On Glasses for Customers

  1. The convenience factor

People can try on a wide range of glasses straight from their homes, which saves them time compared to visiting multiple physical stores. Plus, buyers can save money by decreasing in-store visits and transportation costs.

  1. No pressure

When trying on glasses in a real store, consumers may feel pressured to purchase to compensate for the time spent on the road to the shop. Or at times, sales consultants may be too pushy, which may influence a person’s purchasing decision too. But with virtual try-on, customers can take their time and fully enjoy the shopping process sitting in their favourite armchair with a cup of delicious coffee.

  1. Access to a wider range of glasses

In a brick-and-mortar store, some glasses may be missing, while they might be present in the brand’s online catalog. Plus, a person may crave a specific frame size or colour, so it’s much easier to browse the items on the brand’s website or in the app by choosing the necessary characteristics.


Simply put, virtual try-on glasses are an efficient way for consumers to try on eyeglasses or sunglasses without leaving their homes. It offers a wide range of styles and brands to choose from. So, virtual try-on technology can be called a great advancement that has made the process of purchasing glasses much easier and more convenient for consumers.


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