Packing picks: Remember these four items to have the best camping trip possible

With so many functions, a penknife is a great addition to any camping trip. Photo credit: Panwasin seemala /

IT can be tricky to always remember everything when you take a camping trip, but there are a few unquestionable pieces of kit that deserve a space in your luggage, however light you’re travelling. Here we’re sharing four unmissable pieces of kit that you need to take on every camping trip.

Water container

Wherever you’re off camping, a refillable water container is a must. A water bottle is an essential if you plan to hike and makes cooking on-site easier too. If you’re going somewhere particularly remote, consider investing in a water purifier.


Whether it’s to open a packet of sausages to cook on your campfire, to crack open a well-deserved beer after setting up camp or cutting some rope, a penknife is a brilliant addition to any camping trip. Many have plenty of functions and fold up nice and small.


Even if you can only fit a small towel in your luggage, this little luxury will take your camping trip to the next level. There are also plenty of microfibre, lightweight towels on the market if you’re tight on space.

Laundry bag

It might sound excessive, but even if you bring a plastic bag to separate your dirty clothes from clean clothes, it can make a difference to your whole trip.