Axarquía sheds light on Endometriosis on awareness day and pledges support for women’s health

Authorities pledged their support for the fight against the chronic women’s health condition, endometriosis. Photo credit: Mancomunidad de La Axarquía y Costa del Sol

TOWNS across Axarquía celebrated International Women’s Day last week, and the regional government showed their commitment to women’s health by also marking International Endometriosis Awareness Day on Monday, March 14.

The regional government showed its support for the ADAEC organisation which supports women who suffer with endometriosis. This little-known condition affects one in ten women worldwide, and until recently, it wasn’t even recognised as an illness.

The President of the Mancomunidad regional government, José Juan Jiménez, joined representatives from the ADAEC to read a manifesto in support of those living with endometriosis. The manifesto aimed to increase visibility and awareness of this debilitating illness..

Jiménez said, “We stand in solidarity with all women who suffer from this disease, and at the request of ADAEC, we wanted to raise awareness about this disease.”

The ADAEC also spoke about the chronic disease which affects around ten to 20 per cent of women, but its symptoms can be difficult to recognise.

In addition, the regional government asked all towns in the area to light up a monument or public building with yellow lights, to symbolise the fight against endometriosis.