Hot tub holidays aren’t just for romantic getaways

Hot tub holidays aren’t just for romantic getaways

We always see advertisements for dreamy getaways with your significant other, which usually involves a romantic night in a hot tub under the stars.

Well, we’re here to tell you that holidays in log cabins with hot tubs aren’t just for loved-up couples – they’re the perfect place to go away for a weekend with your besties too!

With this in mind, we have put together a little guide to the perfect weekend away with your friends – hot tub included.

So, if you’re ready to get inspired to book your next girl’s weekend away, read on and get ready to text the group chat!

Soundtrack to the weekend

Songs are powerful and when heard, they can instantly transport you back to a moment in time when special memories were created with the song playing in the background.

Why not make the ultimate girls’ weekend away playlist to create new memories to, that you’ll have flashbacks of when a song or two from the playlist comes on in the car, or wherever you find yourself?

Creating a playlist of all your favourite songs doesn’t have to be a job designated to just one member of the group – many music apps, like Spotify, offer a collaboration option, where you can all add songs to a joint playlist, helping to create the ultimate soundtrack to your girl’s trip!

Group activities

If you’re staying within a holiday resort, or you fancy venturing out of your cabin for a few hours, why not check out the activities on offer around you?

You could try something new like a pottery class, climb above the trees and zip wire back down to earth, go wine tasting at a local vineyard or hire a boat.

Browse the numerous activities on offer where you’re staying and pick something you’ll all be able to take part in and have fun together whilst doing so.

Themed night

How about adding a theme to one of your nights, like an Italian, Indian, Mexican, French or even a colour theme? Each group member could create a dish that’s inspired by the theme and dress up accordingly.

For example, if it was a colour theme, you could all dress up in your favourite colour, bring a dish and drinks in that colour, as well as a swimming costume to go in the hot tub of your chosen colour too!

Pamper night

How about bringing a little self-care to the weekend with some facemasks, manicures and pedicures, and any other pampering treatments you like to do as a group?

If there’s a spa within your resort complex, how about booking a few hours in there, complete with a sauna, pool, and if available, a massage.

As much as the weekend is about having fun with your girls, some self-care time is always a good idea.

So, have we inspired you to book a hot tub weekend away with your friends? Will you be messaging the group about going away one weekend?


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