An opportunity too good to miss

IT never ceases to amaze me the length of time it takes for governments to realize they have made mistakes. There is a reason of course. It’s because at the time of their ‘respected’ decisions they are completely blinded by their power mad, egotistical arrogance. It can therefore be some considerable time before they actually have the courage to own up.

The European Economic Community (EEC) is a glaring case in point. In their headlong rush to establish a vast economic society of euro citizens, they dished out almost obscene bribes for countries to enter the alliance.

By passing some obscure ‘means test’ these countries, most of whom were already running on empty, quite naturally welcomed this coffer swelling scheme with open arms. In a number of cases, to suddenly be presented with the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty and squalor, it was an opportunity too good to miss. Consequently the majority were prepared to agree to almost anything to lay their hands on it.

With the money duly deposited (and no thought whatsoever of honoring any future repayments or interest) they then gleefully entered into almost debauched spending sprees. New roads, stadiums airports, overhead rail systems (hi ya Dublin!) and no doubt a multitude of ‘backhanders,’ soon put paid to their respective  windfalls and before they knew it, they were all not only skint again but up to their eyes in debt.. Well, what did the instigators of this wonderful plan think they would do, invest it all for the future? That’s like giving a junkie a load of dosh and expecting him to spend it on keep fit classes.

So then what happens? In a desperate effort to keep their dreams of dominance alive, the instigators give them a slap on the wrist, get them to promise to do the right thing next time and plough in even more (of your) money. Give us a break. I prophesied years ago the whole EEC scheme was doomed to failure.

I repeat. When you join a host of economies together, the lower section don’t aspire to the higher, they drag the others down to their level. This whole pathetic exercise has been an utter disgrace and those who instigated it should to my mind be drummed out of any positions of authority and at best placed in the stocks (what a great picture that conjures up!) and at worst banged up for perpetrating one of the biggest cock ups of modern times. But they won’t will they? Whatever happens, the fat cats and political pillocks will still be wallowing in their obscene bonuses and passing the port and cigars in the gentlemen clubs of Europe. Where did I go wrong I ask myself?

Thanks for your wonderful birthday greeting. It fair lifted this old boy’s somewhat sagging spirits to peruse all your best wishes this week. It was exactly what I needed.

Have a good week. Try and do someone a good turn. And whatever ya do. Always keep the faith.  Love leapy.

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