My top 4 diet questions

QUIT SMOKING: Your metabolism will correct itself and start speeding up.

Often clients ask my advice with regards to diet, as they quickly become aware that this is the cornerstone to any achievements they will make with regard to their health and fitness goals.  Over the years I have been asked many questions.

Here are just a few:

Q. Is it true that fat people have a slow metabolic rate? 

A. No, on the contrary, the heavier you are the more energy your body produces. This in turn produces an increase in dietary thermogenesis (the energy required to digest food and to absorb and transport nutrients around your body).

Q. I have given up smoking, am I going to gain lots of weight?

A. I won’t sugar the pill, weight gain is often a side effect of giving up smoking which is why unfortunately it can put people off the idea. However most people give up smoking because they have opted for a healthier lifestyle. 

Once your lungs are clear from tobacco pollution, your exercise sessions will become more enjoyable and provided you are opting for healthy foods, your metabolism will correct itself and start speeding up again. 

Q. Why do I never lose weight even though I eat like a mouse?

A. If you are close to your healthy weight, you will find it hard to lose the last couple of pounds. This is common as your body is clever and will hold onto those last few pounds, as it feels you are trying to starve it.

If you are determined enough and you are 1-2lbs short of your goal, add a few more intense cardio sessions to your weekly schedule. If on the other hand you are overweight and just not seeing results, you may need to take a look at your exercise plan and recalculate your calorie intake.  

By incorporating at least three sessions of resistance training into your weekly plan, you will create more muscle tissue which will fire up your metabolism to burn energy at a faster rate. 

It is easy to underestimate calorie intake, make a diary of your food consumption for a week and be sure to include any drinks, absolutely everything that passes your lips, you may be surprised. 

Q. When I exercise it makes me want to eat more so what is the point?

A. If your body is truly hungry, then feed it, you will find that as your metabolism is kicked into overdrive from a regular fitness routine you will naturally require more energy.  The trick here is to identify whether your body actually needs food or if it is more of a psychological need. Often people overestimate how many calories they have burned at the gym and feel the need to reward themselves with food treats afterwards, try to avoid doing this if you want results. 

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