Responsibility for Nice massacre claimed by DAESH

AS the world continues in mourning and many of those injured continue fighting for their lives in hospital, DAESH has claimed responsibility for the Bastille Day massacre on Thursday night (July 14) which saw at least 84 people including 10 children run over and killed.

The claim, reported by jihadist-linked news agency Amaq, was made public as five people were arrested following the attack on the French city.

Amaq said a DAESH security source had referred to the killer, Mohamed Bouhel, as a one of its ‘soldiers’ who had driven a 19-ton lorry into a crowd “in response to calls to target nations of coalition states that are fighting” the militant group.

However there are doubts as to whether DAESH is really responsible as it had failed to prepare propaganda in advance of the attack as occurred on previous occasions.

Three men were arrested on Saturday morning (July 16) in raids and another man plus the kamikaze lorry-driver’s ex-wife were detained on Friday.

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    • Brian Eagleson

      17 July 2016 • 10:21

      The police removed their roadblock from the entrance to the promenade some hours earlier according to the Sunday Telegraph, leaving the 30,000 people on it defenceless. Also, if the truck was indeed stopped further back as earlier reports indicated and the driver was simply waved on, then it appears those in charge have a great deal of explaining to do. At the very least, a truck that size should have been opened up and checked before being allowed to continue on to the promenade. Let’s face it – it could easily have been a massive truck bomb packed with explosives. Who would have known?

      France was supposed to be on the very highest security alert status with a nationwide state of emergency still in force since the attacks in Paris when the Bataclan slaughter took place. In addition, it is well known that many would-be Jihadists have travelled freely between Nice and Syria. Also, some parts of Nice’s sink housing estates are practically lawless. The complete failure to check the truck in any way at all is incomprehensible. However the police motorcyclist who tried to stop it should be given the highest honour for bravery.

      This was a disaster waiting to happen. Sadly, the French police force has failed again in its most basic duty – to protect the public.

      As for Daesh – looks more like this was a psychotic, alcoholic, loner.

    • Roy Peters

      18 July 2016 • 09:46

      In an answer to one of my blog postings on the subject of Muslim atrocities, one person remarked that after the NIce massacre there has been no reaction from the Muslim population.
      Not a single word of sorrow or regret has been heard from the huge Muslim population of the city. Rather strange don’t you think!
      It certainly gives one the opinion that they sympathize with the aim of the radicals and want to see the world as an Islamic State.

    • Brian Eagleson

      18 July 2016 • 12:37

      There’s an item buried away on the BBC news website on members of the Muslim community in Nice. They condemn it in the strongest terms. Nothing on Sky or Murdoch’s papers of course.

      The Muslims also point out the man who committed this atrocity did not attend a mosque, did not pray, did not fast, was a heavy drinker. In other words, he was not a Muslim in any sense of the word.

      Today’s BBC 1 o’clock news showed a clip of a Muslim man in Nice who’s sister was killed by the truck. His grief was obvious. So was his anger at the way this is being portrayed by the media. White French people even booed the French prime minister over the perceived security failures. Muslims are afraid to go on the streets for fear of reprisals.

      So Daesh is claiming responsibility. Well they would, wouldn’t they? But Daesh also kills huge numbers of Muslims – all over the warring middle east. Actually more Muslims die at the hands of Daesh than non-Muslims.

      But not one of these facts fits your pre-conceptions Roy, so just carry on believing lies instead.

    • Roy Peters

      18 July 2016 • 23:03

      Reading the news I haven’t heard a single Muslim condemnation of all events such as that in Nice Brian. Why don’t the Muslims in every European country come out and condemn the actions of ISIS?
      Just because a few in Nice have done so does not mean that they all do. Those in Nice are more than likely afraid of a backlash from the French people if they say nothing.

    • Brian Eagleson

      19 July 2016 • 11:02

      The Nice truck driver killed Muslims too. He was indiscriminate in his murderous intent. English-language news generally provides an English-centric view of the world. Try a different language like Arabic for instance, or even French, and you get a completely different perspective.

      Arabic and French news media are full of condemnation of the Nice atrocity from Muslims. On the other hand, England’s split-personality news media tend to ignore anything that goes against their persistent message of doom and gloom, oddly coupled with an equally persistent triumphalist belief that the English people are superior to everyone else.

      Just because your favourite news media didn’t report any condemnation doesn’t mean it didn’t happen Roy. It did. You just didn’t see it.

      Stop using this dreadful atrocity as an excuse for pushing your continuous anti-Muslim rhetoric Roy, and open your eyes to the truth. The Nice truck driver was a psychotic criminal, pure and simple. He had a criminal record – a violent one at that. He had a history of psychiatric disturbance. He did not attend his local Mosque. He did not pray. He did not fast. He drank alcohol. He beat up his wife who then had to leave him for her own safety. He was the exact opposite of a true Muslim.

      So is Daesh.

      Daesh is fake Islam – a violent, hi-jacked, upside-down, hellish perversion of genuine Islamic teaching. True Islam teaches us peace and love. What are you teaching us Roy?

    • Roy Peters

      19 July 2016 • 12:23

      And what are you teaching us Brian? From all your rhetoric you are obviously someone who likes Muslims, but if you live long enough and are around when they take over you may change your mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without being constantly criticized for it by someone who does not see what is happening!

    • Brian Eagleson

      19 July 2016 • 22:31

      Yes Roy. I love decent, respectful, tolerant, non-violent, loving, truthful, honest people – whether they be Muslims, Christians, Jews, any religion at all. And no religion at all.

      Who do you love?

      I detest indecent, disrespectful, intolerant, violent,  unloving, untruthful, dishonest people.

      Who do you detest?

      Oh, that would be Muslims.

      Blind hatred is the very worst form of hatred Roy. Open your eyes. Make the distinction between ordinary peace-loving Muslims and Daesh (and psychotic non-Muslims.) Live and let live Roy. The world is a very big place. Plenty of room for everybody. Time for mutual respect and tolerance – on all sides – including yours.

      However we do need to fight indecent, disrespectful, intolerant, violent,  unloving, untruthful, dishonest people. That would be Daesh. Not Muslims.

      We all need to make that distinction. Without making that distinction there will be no hope. Only war. Your prophecy will be self-fulfilling only if your anti-Muslim teachings prevail Roy. But not if mine do. The notion that Daesh represents Muslims is a delusion. We need to nail that delusion. We need to stop promoting that delusion. Only that way lies peace.

      Peace brother. Insha’Allah/God willing.

    • Roy Peters

      20 July 2016 • 10:31

      Brian you still seem to think that I am racist and I have told you before that I am definitely NOT!
      I too respect ” decent, respectful, tolerant, non-violent, loving, truthful, honest people – whether they be Muslims, Christians, Jews, any religion at all”.

      I have done much research into the problems with Muslims for my blog, and while I have NOTHING against those who live among us peacefully, I cannot say that I like the way they are trying to take over many parts of Britain like Tower Hamlets, Bradford and other towns and cities and introducing Sharia Law.

      Islamic State is NOT the only Muslim problem facing the world today, although they are the biggest threat, but also SOME of those who live among us!

      You seem to forget the way they tried to take over the education system in Bradford and other towns called ‘Trojan Horse’. You seem to forget that Muslims are responsible for most of the rapes of women and young girls in the UK and sex trafficking because the Qu’ran says they can!

      With the huge influx of migrants into Germany last year, they are already beginning to see rapes and molestation of women in huge numbers, and why do you think that is? Are these your peace-loving Muslims?

      Whatever I write on these pages is NOT an attack on ALL Muslims, only those who have proven that they are not bound by our way of life and are trying to change it to suit them.

    • Roy Peters

      20 July 2016 • 15:25

      Brian, who do you think is burning down Christian churches in countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia and many more? Who do you think are killing Christians just because they are Christians? These people are not Islamic State and have no connection to them. They are just Muslims.
      I am WELL AWARE there are peaceful Muslims among us who cause no harm, but you cannot say that about them all and I DO have respect for those who live among us in peace.
      It is time you opened your eyes and looked beyond your ‘tunnel vision’ of Muslims and saw the broader picture of Islam.
      Why do you think that we have had over a million refugees crowding Europe when not one rich Arab state, except for Jordan, has done anything to help these people?
      Why do you think that other Arab states have not intervened in the war in Iraq and Syria and made attempts to bring about peace? They have left it up to Western nations to do their dirty work for them, with the exception of one or two small Arab states.
      You need to open your eyes and see the real picture. I am NOT saying we should hate all Muslims because of what has happened. But you cannot go around saying that the only problem with Islam is Islamic State because that is just not true!

    • Brian Eagleson

      20 July 2016 • 19:21

      Thank you Roy. At least you’re agreeing it is only SOME of the Muslims who live among us who represent any kind of threat. Not all of them. But how big, or rather how small is that “some”?

      Every main group in our society carries a small but significant percentage of criminals – even devout Christians. Paedophile priests are just one example. It is beyond comprehension that a supposedly devout Christian priest could sexually abuse a child, but sadly it has happened, probably throughout the entire history of Christianity.

      Did you know that non-Muslim criminals in the UK outnumber Muslim ones Roy? By something like 85%. Could it be that Sharia law and punishment is so strict compared with UK law that Muslims tend to be more law abiding than non-Muslims? I’m not saying that’s definitely the case. I’m just wondering if the threat of having your hand cut off for stealing is stronger than spending a few months wearing a plastic tag round your ankle? Of course, I’m not condoning cutting thieves hands off! Just making a comparison.

      However, you seem genuinely worried that Islam is going to take over the UK. I’m sorry that worries you so much. Perhaps it might help to point out that the British people are extremely resistant to something they don’t believe in. For instance, can you imagine Theresa May or Boris Johnson converting to Islam? Or you for that matter?

    • Roy Peters

      21 July 2016 • 16:12

      Brian I have ALWAYS held the believe that not all Muslims are bad. But if that is the case, then why are ordinary Muslim refugees refusing to learn the English language and integrate properly into our society?

      Instead they take over entire sections of towns and cities, introduce Sharia Law and have Sharia Patrols on their streets. If as an English person you do not conform to their law you are in big trouble!
      Don’t tell me this does not happen because their is evidence enough.

      You seem to forget that the Muslim birthrate in Britain is six or seven times higher than the English. This means that in maybe twenty or thirty years time they will outnumber us by a huge amount. Try and stop them taking over then Brian!!!!
      I am just glad I will not be around to see it!


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