British citizens may soon have to pay to travel to Spain

THE European Commission is set to unveil new legislation that may force British nationals to have to pay online and apply for visas if they wish to travel to the continent in the looming post-Brexit universe.

Known as the EU travel and authorisation system (Etias), the scheme is based on US visa principles and would mean that members of states which do not require a full visa to visit EU countries would have to apply online for permission to travel at least three days before their flight, and pay £10 for the privilege.

Whether Britain will be forced to comply with the proposed regime hinges on how the Brexit negotiations pan out when they finally take place.

Norway and Switzerland would be exempt from the new rules under their current relationship with the political bloc, but if the UK chooses the ‘hard Brexit’ approach it may face much stricter access to both the free market and free movement of peoples, the twin pillars of the EU project.

The European Union has announced that after Brexit, the UK will need to apply for ETIAS Spain for authorisation as well as other third countries.”

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    • Dave Robinson

      10 September 2016 • 12:45

      British tourists spend vast amounts of money in Spain – seeking the sunshine. No sensible Spanish government would consider cutting-off this cash-flow.

    • GeoffBee

      10 September 2016 • 19:27

      Presumably they will trial the system with all the migrants first and refuse entry without a visa. No, thought not..

    • Kally

      10 September 2016 • 22:11

      Might not be up to Spain alone, Dave. All 27 would have to vote on it. Great, that precludes emergency visits for family members. If this had happened when I was in a coma I’d have been dead before my parents got here. (If the doctors’ warnings had been correct, that is). Families will miss their expat relatives’ funerals because they can’t be held up three days. The UK would do the same in reverse, so those of us who needed to get to Britain quickly for family emergencies would be stuffed. Thanks, Brexiteers. Still waiting to see signs of this ‘bright future for the UK’ that supposedly makes all this crap worth it.

    • Sue Butler

      11 September 2016 • 08:52

      Well said Kally – but they just dont think do they

    • Geoff

      11 September 2016 • 11:22

      When it finally comes down to invoking the UK,s departure and the subsequent stream of negative implications during negotiations I firmly believe that the City of London,s views will prevail and there will be no Brexit and possibly a General Election in the next six months as well.

    • John P

      16 September 2016 • 14:54

      Fed up of them moaning,do it and Britain should implement same,make them pay to visit us.Spain has much more to lose,particularly Mallorca.They should concentrate on their shambles of a government

    • john

      16 September 2016 • 17:14

      Why don’t we all stop speculating and wetting our knickers. There are thought to be at least 8,000 Press, radio, TV and internet journalists ‘at work’ in western Europe alone — each of them (and I am one of them) is paid to produce powerful views-on-the-news for their commercial employers … and many of the “stories” are going to be as near to fairy stories as we are going to get since Hans Christian Andersen passed away. “Write something,” the proprietors demand, “that will get people buying LOTS of our newspaper.” And so we get a new swathe of make-believe headlines: “Won’t It Be Awful When …”

      I have a cartoon which, unfortunately, can’t be reproduced here. In the first frame a very anxious huddled-up elderly guy is watching TV and crying out (in big letters) “HOW CAN WE LESSEN THIS GRIP OF FEAR OF TERRORISM”. The drawing in the second frame is the same … except there is only the one BIG word: “CLICK” … and the TV screen is blank. The elderly guy is smiling.

      Not even Mrs May knows how BREXIT is going to turn out. And none of the other politicians around the continent know either. Full of natty notions they’re just busy jockeying for headlines for themselves.

      In 1940 Our Winnie didn’t know how 1945 would pan out. Nor did Herr Adolph.

      In the end BREXIT will go however BREXIT goes … and we will accommodate to it.


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