Piers Morgan offers to pay all NHS staff’s parking tickets as he blows his stack

Piers Morgan has just announced that he will pay all NHS staff’s parking tickets 

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan is furious this morning with the government and ripped apart ministers who couldn’t come up with answers on why builders especially were still going to work and why NHS staff are still being charged for parking and issued tickets.

Medical staff on emergency duties are returning to their cars after long shifts to find parking tickets issued and the blood boiled in Morgan who burst out “send me your parking tickets everyone, send them here and I will pay them all.”

Piers Morgan is defiant that everyone should follow the likes of Spain and totally lockdown and stop spreading the virus, but he blew his stack on hearing about NHS staff trying to save lives are getting fined.

If you are an NHS staff member with a parking ticket address it to Piers Morgan ITV.