VIDEO: Phillip Schofield Cracks Up at US Mayor Toilet Video on This Morning

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby couldn’t contain their laughter on This Morning, as Phil showed viewers his favourite viral video. 

The show opened with the presenters informing its viewers that they would be starting the show with some ‘toilet humour.’

Schofield noted that on yesterday’s show he mentioned his ‘favourite viral video’ and they were now going to start the day by showing it.

The premise of the video is Dale Ross, mayor of Georgetown, Texas, who excused himself from a meeting to head to the bathroom. Unfortunately for the mayor, he had accidentally left his microphone on which was attached to his tie.

I’m sure you can imagine where this goes. Ross goes about his personal business as usual, only this time, the entire room can hear everything that unfolds.

The hilarious video caused Schofield to reminisce on a similar event that happened with Willoughby, just days before today’s show.

“I have done it actually, it was not that long ago,” said Holly.

“Only the other day I came into the studio and everyone was staring. I asked what happened and Phil went ‘you might’ve left your mic on.’

“Luckily I only went for a little lady-like tinkle,” she added.

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George Day