Zoo Keepers in Cornwall Self Isolating at Wildife Park to Look After Animals

FOUR zoo keepers have decided to move into a wildlife park and self-isolate with the animals. 

Staff at Paradise Park in Hayle are now self-isolating at the zoo, to ensure that they can continue to care for all of the animals at the facility.

The family-run business has a home on-site, and now Izzy Wheatley, Sarah-Jane Jelbert, Emily Foden and Layla Richardson will be based there for the foreseeable future.

Paradise Park homes 1,200 birds and mammals, which will still require attention throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Izzy said: “I had been thinking about how to handle the situation we all find ourselves in re isolating and social distancing as I have a big family including an elder member who has gone in to 12 weeks isolation.

“At the same time the directors were having the same thoughts about using the house that is on-site and which became free as the Cornish Chough conservation meeting had just been cancelled.

“Myself and two other keepers Rachel and Emily then moved in to the on-site house on Saturday.”

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George Day