Picking the perfect holiday destination

Taking a holiday now is obviously very different and includes some special tips like; always have a mask on you and look at the countries that want travellers to quarantine. However, normally picking a holiday destination is fun and rather easy.

You want to make sure the holiday includes everything you are looking for. It can be difficult but it is not impossible! Here is a how-to guide to picking the perfect holiday destination!

  1. Decide what kind of holiday you want

The first step is always choosing the vibe you want to go for when picking a holiday.  You may be a very active person, who wants an outdoor and activity filled holiday or a person that lives a stressful life and needs a break. You may also want a holiday where you learn something new, or are able to give back to the world. Any one of those you choose depends on the kind of person you are. This step will help decide the actual destination of your break.

  1. Check the weather!

This is so important to be able to pick the perfect destination. Depending on what time of the year you are planning your holiday and where in the world, the weather might not be in favour of that decision.

If you live in the UK and want to vacate to Australia for summer, you will have to take into account that their summer is the UK’s winter and vice versa. From June to October in south east countries the monsoon season can be difficult to plan around.

You don’t want to visit a country with the intention of sun-bathing but be stuck wearing a rain jacket the whole time. Nor do you want to visit somewhere like Sierra Nevada in June with the intention of skiing or snowboarding as there is no snow at that time. Check the weather and seasons so they are appropriate for the kind of holiday you wish to have.

  1. Budget if needed

Some people may not intend to have a budget or need a budget. However, there are many people that like to go on ‘budget-holidays’. Always remember you don’t always have to travel by plane, as flights can be extremely expensive, especially during certain months of the year.

If you live in Europe and want to travel within Europe then look at other transport options like; trains, buses and cars. There are always other options. It can be very easy to travel by means other than just planes throughout Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia is very popular among young travellers because of the activities that can be done along with how cheap it can be. Speak to the right agencies, look on the internet, choose wisely as you don’t want to be ripped off.

Budgeting can help you have the best holiday possible.

  1. Research!

This top cannot be stressed enough! Do your research on not only the prices, weather and the kind of holiday you want but also the safety. This may not seem very important, but it is! You could end up in a country where you don’t speak the language, where you’ve rented a bike and crashed it

This is more common of a problem than most may think, get the right insurance! Getting stuck or in trouble in another country can be scary if you cannot communicate properly. Some countries even recommend you do not leave certain areas, or even the hotel resort because you may get robbed, stolen or have some sort of issue. Try your best to avoid areas that people have told you to

  1. Memories!

Make sure you bring a camera, or phone of some sort. Do not be shy to take out and snap picture when and wherever you can! You want to be able to keep the memories and be able to reminisce on what a great holiday it was. Even if you bring a journal and write down your experiences, try to as you will love to read it after a few years.

Depending on what kind of holiday you choose to take, meet new people, ask about other people’s experiences. Make unforgettable memories and eat incredible new foods!

To conclude, use all these tips the next time you decide to plan a holiday. They are useful and can make your holiday better than you had originally planned. Always stay safe, but most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Thank you for reading this article, “Picking the perfect holiday destination”. We hope this article can prove to be helpful and useful for you. Enjoy your next holiday, you deserve it! For up-to-date news, visit the Euro Weekly News website.

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